Migraine Headaches and CannabisAs I am certain many other migraine headache sufferers can attest, once you are in the vice grip of a horrible one, there is little to be done. However, cannabis can truly be a wonder when dealing with these awful headaches. When the blood vessels in your brain are constricted and quickly vaso-dilate, blood rushes through the brain, and a migraine headache results. For this reason, often drugs that promote blood flow and more continuous vaso-dilation can be used. Drugs in this category can be cardiovascular in nature, such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers, or neurological, such as seizure medications or anti-depressants. These medications can be taken as a preventative measure. There is another category of medications for migraine called rescue medications.Rescue medications include triptans (such as Imitrex, or sumatriptan, and Maxalt, or rizatriptan), pain medications (narcotic and non-narcotic), and muscle relaxors. Triptans are often tricky, sometimes working and other times not, sometimes a sub-cutaneous injection might work, while an oral route does not. Muscle relaxors work by relaxing those small capillaries in your brain so that blood flows more easily and pain medications work by not allowing the pain impulse to bind to nocioreceptors in the body.

Unfortunately, not only are the side effects of a migraine headache bad, but many of these medications can cause a migraine. Funnily enough, a major side effect of most medications are what you are taking the medication for. For example, a migraine prevention medication can have migraine headaches as a major side effect of taking the medication itself. Confusing isn’t it? Side effects include ear pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, feeling a vise like grip around your head and more. Cannabis acts as a reliever of all these symptoms. Whereas someone may have had to take phenergan for nausea, something for pain, a rescue medication along with a preventative medication in the past, consuming cannabis can alleviate all of these symptoms at once with only one all-natural medication. Another benefit of cannabis is that it can be consumed as needed instead of all the time. The less we’re polluting our bodies with, the less instances of rebound migraines, or side effects.

Recommended cannabis strains ideal for for treating migraines and headaches include:

White Widow – This world-famous hybrid cannabis strain originates from Amsterdam but has been popularized through television and the rap industry. It is sativa dominant however provides the best of both indica and sativa. It provides users mental clarity, full-body relaxation and relief from stress and depression. It’s medicinal properties are quite powerful and effective in aiding migraine and headache sufferers.

OG Kush –  This is an American classic hybrid strain that provi