Nowadays edible are a hot thing in the Weed world. It has been consumed just as long as it has been injected and breathed in. But in the last ten years a number of interesting recipes and new techniques have been presented to generate edible medication for sufferers who cannot or do not want to smoke.


Marijuana is a historical plant that has been used for over more than 10 millennium years. This plant has several street names and the main name marijuana or marijhuana is initially found in Mexican Spanish. Later it was spread to other languages as well. This plant has its own advantages; the THC content is the major psychoactive element of this plant.

Medical Marijuana

The role of marijuana in terms of medicinal goodness is something enormous. It means medicinal use or herbal therapy of this hemp plant is having long term historical usage with regards medicine. It is one of the 50 basic medicines in traditional Chinese medicine.

Record of Medical Marijuana Edibles

Medical Weed was used as an edible, first in China. They cultivated Pot to be used as cereals. They cooked the seeds and tasted it. The historical burial place of China contained vessels loaded with its seed products to be used in the afterlife. Later Pot cooking culture entered. However, they utilized the unique medicinal results of weed by cooking the flowers, buds, stems and leaves instead of the just seed products

Types of Edible Marijuana

Variety of pot edibles are given as Chocolates, Cooking Oil, Butter, Cupcakes, Cookies, Teas, Lollipops, Brownies, Streusels, Caramels, Sprays, Lozenges.

Cannabis Tea & Beverages

Cannabis beverages such as teas have become a popular form of edibles because it is very simple to prepare conjointly it can be made by mixing the leaves or resins of the cannabis plant in boiling water.

Cannabis Butter

Cannabis Butter is another important edible is Weed butter; most of the Pot recipes are prepared with the help of this butter and it can be prepared by cooking the Pot substances with the butter.

Cannabis Oil

It is an oil edible used in most of the Pot spicy recipes. Cannabis can be extracted to oil using several extraction methods and the most valuable method to extract oil from plant substance is CO2 extraction or Supercritical Fluid Extraction.

Marijuana Cookies

Weed cookies are the best way to ingest the pot. They are tasty space cookies made using hashish. To make them, considerable volumes of hash are taken and cooked so that the patient is able to get the nutrients of it without weed smoking. Some patients review that the high is different from smoking; it is usually more highly effective and much more lasting.

Cannabis Chocolates

It is a Brownish recipe which cures depression and gives you the greatest sleep ever. It is a best muscle relaxant for muscle ripple. The Sugar-coated Cannabis Chocolates cures digestive problem, spinal card pain for kids as well.

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