Stringent Quality Control Guidelines

To ensure the therapeutic qualities of marijuana you need to consider your symptoms and what stain would be most beneficial to improving your quality of life. To understand the effects of the marijuana plant, what it looks like and how it can be taken, we’ve put together some basic information to get you started.


The Indica strain is a short plant with fat leaves. The high provides relaxation, stress relief and an overall sense of serenity. The Indica is proven to be a very effective reliever of pain, anxiety, infection, pressure and is also often used to treat insomnia. For the Indica plant, offers 0% THC but offer very high levels of other cannabinoids such as CBN (cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

The Sativa strain is a taller plant with thin leaves. The high is uplifting and energetic. The Sativa has been used effectively for pain relief for certain symptoms. It is said to be a better stimulant and muscle relaxer. Also, positive results in helping with epilepsy, vomiting and nausea, inflammation, depression, stimulating your appetite, and dealing with low blood pressure. For the Sativa plant, 100% of their cannabinoid content may be in the form of delta-9-THC.

THC (a.k.a. delta-9 THC) is one of approximately 60 identified cannabinoids (the medicinally active chemicals in marijuana). Because of cross-breeding the Indica and the Sativa offer a virtually infinite amount of options. Strains have been seen that have the growth and appearance of the Indica plant but offer cannabinoid profiles more standard to the Sativa plant.