Peanut butter is deliciously addictive as it is. But what if you added some cannabis in your normal spread of PB? If you haven’t tasted weed peanut butter, then you’re missing out on a mind-blowing recipe.


Cannabis is a highly versatile ingredient. If you don’t like smoking weed then there are safe ways to still enjoy its euphoric properties through homemade means. In this case, you can enjoy weed during the most important meal of the day!

Gather the ingredients

You’ll only need 3 ingredients to satisfy your weed-infused sweet tooth: powdered peanut butter, coconut oil or MCT oil, and cannabis. Whichever brand you pick is up to you but it’s recommended to buy PB2 powdered peanut butter.

Decarb your weed

Decarboxylation is the most important step when making weed peanut butter. To summarize, it’s the process that converts THCA, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, to THC – the cannabinoid responsible for making you high.


By skipping decarboxylation, you’re eliminating the chance to get high. Decarbing weed is not difficult, but having an Ardent Nova Decarboxylator will be useful.


If you have the Ardent Nova, put 7g of cannabis inside. Turn it on and wait for it to fully decarb your weed.

Infuse the coconut oil with cannabis

After decarbing, mix your cannabis with coconut oil or MCT oil. You can use the Ardent Nova’s infusion sleeve as a container since you’ll also use it to infuse the cannabis in the coconut oil. Just crush the decarbed weed and put it into the infusion sleeve. 


Before adding the coconut oil, make sure to check the total weight of the PB2 powdered peanut butter to gauge how much you’ll take. If, for example, the total weight of your peanut butter is around 6.5 oz or 184g, then you’re going to use 92g of coconut oil.


After weighing the coconut oil, add it into the infusion sleeve and use the Ardent Nova as an infusion device. Once the light turns green then it means your coconut oil is now successfully infused with decarbed cannabis!

Strain the coconut oil

Once the Ardent Nova is finished infusing the coconut oil with cannabis, you can start straining it out using a coffee filter. Just pour the infused mixture into the coffee filter to strain out the cannabis.


Once the dripping slows down, pick up the filter to squeeze out the remaining mixture.

Mix all the ingredients

Bring out a mixing boil. Pour all 184g of powdered peanut butter and weed-infused coconut oil onto the bowl. Mix it a bit using a spatula. After a while, use an egg beater to evenly mix the ingredients. Wait for the mixture to start looking clumpy and brown like normal peanut butter. And that’s it!


If you don’t like the texture of your finished product, you can add more coconut oil. If you don’t want it too chunky, you can add less coconut oil. Whatever you choose, you’ll have weed peanut butter to wake-and-bake with!