As mentioned in the previous blog titled Canada Marijuana Laws by Province  you can find a breakdown of laws that covers the age of consumption, growing marijuana and sales of cannabis by province.

Most provinces seem to be inline with having their liquor boards manage the retail, the online space has become the wild west as over 100 online stores are currently active and more are popping up by the week.

The Ontario government has announced that the LCBO (Liquor Commission Board of Ontario) it may be using the Ottawa-based ecommerce company Shopify as their choice of platform for online sales.

The actual date of legalization is still pending in Ontario despite the fact that July 1st, 2018 was initially the proposed date by the Trudeau government.

It’s quite surprising that the government is late in the game in choosing an ecommerce platform while hundreds of other websites have already established a strong online presence in the mail order marijuana market.

Competition is always healthy as it brings down market prices. However it will be interesting how the mail order marijuana market competition will turn out among unregulated websites, provincial privatized websites and the sites managed by provincial liquor commissions.

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