Both marijuana legalization and the Ontario elections are both around the corner. Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford who are both running seem to have different opinions when it comes to cannabis.

Doug Ford seems to be a huge advocate for pot and also received support from the ‘Princess of Pot’ Jodie Emery who tweeted with the hashtag #fordnation in support of Doug Fords idea to privatize cannabis sales rather than having the government monopolize the industry.

cannabis store legalizationKathleen Wynnes response to the concept of cannabis sale privatization was that she didn’t want pot sold next to candy bars at a gas station possibly forgetting that harmful items such as cigarettes and medications are also sold in gas stations. Cigarettes are always stocked behind the counter and people are carded if they don’t look of age. I can’t see marijuana treated any differently or stocked next to Skittles. Her “think about the children” attitude seems half-hearted.

Kathleen has called Doug Ford’s comments on pot “reckless”. However Kathleen Wynnes concept to monopolize the pot industry along with her archaic views on marijuana.

cannabis store logo

The $650K Cannabis Store Logo

It’s been reported that the LCBO has spent $650,000 on the new Ontario Cannabis Store logo. It’s irresponsible business decisions such as this, to spend absorbent amounts of tax payers money on a logo that looks like it could have been made on the outsourcing website for $5.

2017 and 2018 has seen a number of crackdowns on illegal dispensaries operating in Ontario such as the famous Cannabis Culture dispensary which all seems to be perfect timing before the Cannabis Store becomes the only brick and mortar store to buy marijuana however 80 cannabis stores are expected to open in 2018-19.

Ford has gone unfortunately back tacked on Focus Ontario stating that he is willing to play with the idea of privatization after legalization which sounds like a more progressive move than Kathleen Wynne’s “reefer madness” attitude. Whether he will privatize the cannabis market is only speculation.

There is much more to consider on June 7, 2018 than just cannabis legalization however according to the polls it seems that voters want change and Kathleen Wynne’s days may finally be numbered.