There are often many misconceptions made about marijuana and the effects and harm it can cause so here are some of the true facts about marijuana that you may or may not have known.

1. Marijuana and Mental Illness

The Myth: That cannabis can cause permanent mental illness.

The Fact: There is no actual scientific evidence that proves this at all.

2. Is Marijuana Addictive?

The Myth: That Marijuana is highly addictive.

The Fact: The fact is that most people smoke marijuana every now and then, less than 1% smoke it everyday. And of these an even smaller minority develop any kind of dependence on marijuana. There are many, many reported cases of frequent, heavy smokers stopping without any problem.

3. Marijuana and Lung Damage

The Myth: That Marijuana causes far more lung damage than Tobacco.

The Fact: Marijuana smokers typically smoke much less marijuana that tobacco smokers smoke tobacco and hence only incur very minor damage to their lungs. Also, there are absolutely no reports of lung cancer that are related to sole use of marijuana.

4. Brain Cells

Myth: Marijuana kills brain cells.

Fact: Absolutely no medical tests used to detect human brain damage have found damage caused by marijuana – even in the cases of long term smoking.

5. Cannabis and Crime

Myth: Marijuana causes Crime.

Fact: Every single study of the relationship between marijuana and crime conducted has confirmed that a large majority of marijuana smokers commit no crime other than that of smoking cannabis. Furthermore studies show that marijuana actually decreases aggression instead of increasing it.