If you’ve been recommended medical marijuana as a treatment for any of the range of conditions it is now utilized to treat, there may be some things in your mind about marijuana that are simply wrong. The following information will help you to understand how people got those impressions, what’s incorrect about them and why medical marijuana is becoming such a popular treatment for so many different conditions.

The Gateway Myth

The gateway drug myth is something that was propagated by individuals and agencies with a vested or ideological interest in pursuing what has been commonly labeled the “drug war”. In truth, there is no evidence that using marijuana makes anybody more predisposed to using another drug of any type, illegal or otherwise.

Medical marijuana is prescribed as a medicine. In fact, medical marijuana is being utilized in a way that is providing some of the most promising treatment options for an enormous range of different conditions that has been seen in many years. It is as legitimate a medicine as any other, very effective and it is not a gateway towards using other drugs. Using marijuana doesn’t post a risk of causing someone to start using opiates or any other drug. This is a myth that has long been outdated, but that is still believed by some people.

Today’s Marijuana is too Potent

There has never been any scientific evidence that an increased potency in marijuana – which generally means more THC, the active ingredient – is linked to any sort of health risk. In short, saying marijuana is more potent than it used to be isn’t saying anything about any health risks associated with it.

At a professional marijuana dispensary, in fact, patients are not able to only choose from marijuana that is been grown under very controlled, very precise and very agriculturally advanced conditions, they are able to choose different strains of marijuana based on their preference. Some strains of marijuana are more associated with some effects than others are. Some patients experiment a little bit until they find exactly what helps them with their symptoms the best.

Remember that it’s very easy to control the dosage of marijuana, as well. If a specific strain feels a little bit stronger than you want, smoke less of it, eat less of it or just go back to the dispensary and ask for something a little milder.

You Don’t Have to Smoke It

There hasn’t been any evidence that marijuana is linked to cancer. For some people, however, smoking is not their preferred means of using marijuana. For example, people who do a lot of long-distance running probably aren’t going to want to start smoking something to help with any pain they’re experiencing.

Medical marijuana dispensaries can provide many different ways for you to get the medicine you need. Some people prefer to bake using marijuana, which allows them to make pastries and other treats; some people prefer to eat marijuana in other forms.

If you’ve been prescribed medical marijuana, you should talk your physician about your options, but be aware that you will have many different ones for takin