When growing medical marijuana, there is often a question of what strains are best, questions such as which are easier to grow indoors and what medical benefits are likely to occur.  Before you worry about what particular seeds to purchase, consider whether you want to be growing cannabis sativa or cannabis indica; two different sub-species that produce different high effects.

Where do they come from?

Sativa plants are traditionally from warm regions of the globe, such as the tropics and near the equator.  The sativa strain is known to most commonly grow in Central America, Africa and South East Asia.  Since they are accustomed to a humid and sunny atmosphere, they are also accustomed to having to grow taller to outreach other plants combating for resources.

Indica plants are typically known to come from the Northern regions of the Himalayas, Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and the Indian sub-continent.  Since these areas are often characterized by harsh, arid condition, the Indica strain tends to be more hearty, with a short and bushy stature.

What are the physical differences?

indica vs sativa difference

Sativa weed strains are known to be taller with long, thin leaves while Indicas have fatter leaves and tend to be short in comparison, giving them a compact,rounder look.

Sativas can grow to be very tall plants and while they grow quickly, they take longer to mature (10 to 16 weeks) and require more light than Indica plants.  They take longer to germinate and to flower, and tend to have a lower yield but produce very potent buds with a higher level of THC on average than the indica strain.  Indica cannabis will mature in 6 to 8 weeks and produces very dense, thick buds with higher levels of CBDs (hence a drowsy effect).

Which is Better for Growing Indoors?

Indicas are largely agreed to be better for growing indoors because the require less space due to their shorter stature.  Indicas also require less sunlight because they have more chlorophyll (hence the leaves are typically a darker green color).  Finally, Indicas have a shorter growing season and denser yield which makes them more ideal.

However, the strain you choose to grow may also depend on the high effects you are seeking to produce from the medicine you grow.


What are the medical differences?

Sativa cannabis is typically characterized by having an uplifting and energetic high.  This is considered to be a cerebral high which can create a feeling of optimism and alertness, making this a better daytime medication.  Due to the uplifting nature of this cannabis strain it can be effective with treating depression.  It also said to help with migraines, chronic fatigue, appetite stimulation and nausea.  Pure sativas are not as common in the medical field however, due to the difficulties associated with growing them indoors and the fact that they are known to sometimes induce panic attacks for certain users.

Indica cannabis is often associated with a relaxed, drowsy body high.  Indicas produce a feeling of serenity which makes them useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms and tremors.  Indica cann