In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn a regular window-mounted air conditioner unit into a vacuum pump. You can easily use these vacuum pumps to make your healthy edible cannabis at home. You can easily make it by following some simple steps here. So, let’s get started without any further ado,


#1 Remove The Refrigerant From Air Conditioner


The first thing that you have to do is to remove the refrigerant from the air conditioner. You can bring the air conditioning unit to a recycling facility. I brought it to a facility called pure spirit where they are going to remove the refrigerant for me. Many recycling centers are happy to remove this refrigerant for free or will even pay you to remove it. 


More than 85% of the gas and cooling coils in Canada continue to be released into the atmosphere so here we’ll be attaching a device that punctures a hole into the closed-loop system while maintaining a closed loop. It will help us to siphon out the gas. It’s important to properly use this refrigerant as a pound per pound is equivalent to over 1,000 pounds of co2 per pound of refrigerant. There’s also over a 25 thousand dollar fine according to the law in Canada if you are caught illegally purging as refrigerators. 


#2 Remove The Radiator 


Continue to remove screws from the unit and take apart from the air conditioner. I’m using a tube cutter to remove the radiator. I also clip some wires that are going to be used as a temperature reader on the radiator. Underneath the unit, I detach the bolts that are connecting the compressor to the plastic and remove the hamster wheels fan. Be more screws to remove holding on the other radiator and fan. 


This way disconnect the fan from the unit and I am cutting the radiator from the tube. There’s not enough space to fully cut it with the tube cutter so here I have to just pry it off by wiggling it. I’ll be doing a cleaner cut higher up so it doesn’t matter if you put the tool here. The final bolt was seized into the plastic so I had to knock it out. Here we have the compressor basically completed. 


#3 Prepare It For Wiring


Now we just need to do some final wiring and it is good to go for use of scenario pressure or as a vacuum pump. I’m removing the temperature controller and the fan controller as we will no longer be using either of those. The only parts of the air conditioner we’re using are the power cord, the capacitor and the compressor. Everything else can be removed.


So here I’m removing the extra wires that were connected to the capacitor that we’re feeding to the fan. We should now be left with only three exposed wires. The capacitor should have two wires that can connect it to the compressor and the compressors have one wire that is left loose here. The power cord should have two wires that are left loose, the ground wire and one power wire.


#4 Do Some Final Waring


For the wiring stage, we’re going to take the two exposed wires that aren’t the ground wire and connect them and that’s all you have to do. I take the red wire from the compressor and connect it with the black wire from the power cord. To do so I grab a piece of scrap copper that I ripped off one of the connectors from the temperature controller. Then just power it on and if it buzzes on it’s ready to go. 




There you go making a vacuum pump is that simple just make sure you properly purge the refrigerant. You’ll be surprised to find that lots of places will even pay you to remove the refrigerant from your air conditioner. then secure the capacitor to the unit with duct tape and added some wool to the top to catch oil vapor. There are plenty of uses for a vacuum pump. You can attach it to the vacuum chamber and use that as a little pressure to things such as evaporate water or other substances at room temperature to make cannabis at home.


If you have found these tips helpful, make sure you comment down below and let us know.

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