If you order marijuana in large bulk and use it sparingly over time then it’s important to store it properly so you don’t end up losing quality or with moldy weed. There are several different methods of storing weed which are simple and can provide you access to fresher weed in the long run.

The Don’ts

cannabis zip loc bagThere are some methods of storage that are definitely not recommended from our resident cannabis experts which go as follows:

Don’t leave your marijuana in a baggy. There are some rather esoteric reasons that people recommend against this – static pulling apart your buds, to name one – but there are much more understandable reasons than that.

The average sandwich bag is not that strong. It’s likely to tear, which means that you could lose all your bud. Bud also tends to cling to the sides of these bags, making it hard to use all of it.

Don’t store your buds long term in the storage side of a wooden hitter box. The wood will likely dry out your bud too much and it will end up being harsh and burn too fast. Instead, leave your buds in a more suitable permanent container and grind up enough to fill up a day or two day’s worth of marijuana for your hitter box.

The Do’s

storing marijuana in glassGlass is generally regarded as the best way to store buds over the long term. The jars that people tend to recommend highly have the frosted glass sides on the stopper and seal out the atmosphere almost completely. Buds will slide off the glass and not adhere to it, as they would in a plastic bag.

Another option is to roll the marijuana into joints and put them in a prescription bottle or in a glass bottle. Either will work find. This provides adequate protection, ensures that the marijuana is rolled and ready to smoke when you want it and protects it from the environment very well.

Some people worry about UV affecting their marijuana in storage. There are glass types that filter it out almost completely.

You may also want to try storing your marijuana in a cedar box. People who go this route usually leave it in the plastic bag, if they got it in that form. Cedar has good preservative properties. A humidor usually used for cigars is also an option if you want to go the box route. Just make sure you’re not using treated woods or other materials that may introduce toxins into the buds.

You can store your weed in a safe or in a locked area, but be sure you secure it. This will keep it out of the hands of anyone who shouldn’t have it and ensure that you always know where it is. If you have easy access to a dispensary, consider buying smaller amounts and not keeping any more than you need on hand. This way, you always get it in peak condition and you have to store as little as possible, so there’s less hassle.