How to Set Up a Grow Tent and Lights

Setting up an indoor grow tent has many advantages. You get to enjoy having more control over
the environment and easier regulation of humidity and temperature in an enclosed space.
Another advantage is that it provides an additional layer of protection from unwanted pests and
pathogens. Investing in a carbon filter also helps circulate the air inside the tent and reduce
certain smells. Additionally, the structure also protects the floor from water damage and dirt.
In a grow tent setup you’ll have a frame to hang grow lights, ventilation, trellis netting, fans, and
more. Here are the instructions on how to set up your grow tent, lights, and timer.

1. Set up the frame

First, make sure that the tent you’ll be buying will fit in the space you plan to use. A DIY grow
tent includes a frame and a tent fabric. Proceed to assemble the frame by following the written
instructions that come along with the tent upon purchase.

2. Tent over frame

There are two ways to fit a tent fabric over a frame. One way is to assemble the frame first and
place the tent fabric around it. But some tents might be easier to set up by placing the tent base
on the floor then assembling the frame around and on top of it.

3. Zip the tent close

Inspect the interior of the tent and adjust the tent fabric so that it fits perfectly around the frame.
Make sure all the zippers are closed to secure the fabric in place.
The tent interiors have a reflective lining which increases the efficiency of grow lights. It also
adds a small degree of privacy from people.

4. Hang the light

You can opt to purchase a Mars Hydro TS3000 LED grow light for your grow tent. Almost all
grow lights come with the same steel clip hangers and one or two yoyo hangers. Most LEDs will
also have one or two pulley hangers. You would want to have two to keep the grow light level
and stable. Begin by attaching the hanger clips to the light. Proceed to attach one end of the
yoyo to the hanger and the other end to the frame. Make sure there are no twists in your steel
hanger before you clip it on or your light won’t be level.

Get some zip ties to help hang your light. Wrap a zip tie on top of a frame and another zip tie to
the opposite side. Grab a stool and place your light on top of it. Extend a pulley and clasp it
around a zip tie. Do the same for the other zip tie on the opposite end. Raise the light and place
a level ruler on the top to make sure it’s perfectly horizontal.
If your light has an external power supply or ballast, attach it first before raising it off the ground.
After hanging your light you can start placing your plants directly below it.

5. Set the timer