A nose cone joint is a better, more improved version of the tulip joint that we also have featured on Weed Smokers Guide. The nose cone takes a bit of effort to roll, but a well rolled nose cone joint will put you and everyone else around you into a high of amazing proportions.

Materials Needed For Your Nose Cone Joint:

  • 6 King size rolling papers

How To Roll A Nose Cone Joint

  1. First, stick two of your king size rolling papers together to make a square with the gummed strip along one side of the square.Nose-Cone-Joint-1
  2. Fold one corner on the side that has no gum strip diagonally to the other corner with the gum strip directly across from it, but leave the gum strip exposed. Refer to the picture for better details, it will form a triangle when finished with this step.Nose-Cone-Joint-2
  3. Wet the exposed gum strip and fold it over the edge to close up and seal the triangle. Now you’ll have a flat, paper cone.Nose-Cone-Joint-3
  4. Take your cone and open it up slightly and pack it with your marijuana mix. For extra kick add different layers of different blends.Nose-Cone-Joint-4
  5. Get two more king size rolling papers and stick them together at a 45 degree angle.Nose-Cone-Joint-5
  6. Add a lot of marijuana to the rolling papers and form it into the shape of a cone. Make sure you use a large sturdy roach so it helps keep the shape of the cone joint.Nose-Cone-Joint-6
  7. Continue rolling your cone into a fat joint that has the same end diameter of the cone you made a few steps ago.Nose-Cone-Joint-7
  8. Cutaway any excess paper on your joint and the cone you rolled so that they are flush with each other when joined.
  9. Put the two parts together and use as many gum strips as you are comfortable with to seal up the two parts and keep them connected.Nose-Cone-Joint-8

This nose cone joint will easily get you higher than you’ve ever gotten before, sure you use a lot of marijuana, but it’s well worth it especially for parties, with a lot of friends and lots of time to spare.

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