Off course we all know how to roll a joint, take some rolling paper, make a roach, get the tobacco and the weed and try to get it all together. Some people first roll the joint and try to get the roach in later.

Some manage to role a joint in one time but most of the Joint I’ve seen are, lets say it nice, uglier than my mother and worse to smoke than a wet piece of paper. They fall apart, they burn on only one side and look like shit.

Lets face it, you buy some expensive marijuana but you don’t take the time to make the perfect joint to enjoy it to the MAX. Now we are going to take some time to show you some little tricks. You still have to practice but you will get better and better in the future.

how to roll a joint part 1Step one: The roach

The Roach is one of the under etstimated elements of Rolling a Joint. People make tham to narrow, ripped of a piece of paper that is to thin or to thick. If you manage to get a Roach-book, take it. If you can not buy it, get some good paper (like 150 grams) and cut a piece out of 1 cm wide (wider with a big Joint). The length depends on thinkness off the joint so play a little with it. Fold it a few times on one side and roll the rest of the paper around it. If it gets to thick you need to take a littlebit off the length of the paper.

This is how you will get a nice roach to start with.

how to roll a joint part 2Step two: the Paper

You finished the Roach?…probably you did. It’s not that difficult but it is very important.

Now its time to go to a shop to get some Big Rolling papers. I prefer the brand “smoking” becouse the paper is nice to roll with and it burns good. If yo have an other one…well use that one.

Put the paper down on the table and get some tabacco. Most people use cigarettes, thats good but its easier to start with ordenairy tabacco becouse its more sticky.

If you put the tobacco on the paper make sure that it is spread out good. It smart to put a little bit more at the end than at the beginning because you wand to end up with a nice cone.

Now its time to make the marijuana small, make sure you get rid of all the braches becouse they stick through your rolling paper when you roll the joint. If your ready with it you can put it on the tabacco. Just put it in one line in the middle of the tabacco. If you start to roll the joint, the tabacco will roll around the marijuana.

This is one of the most important things about rolling a Joint. The tobacco needs to be around the marijuana so you have a nice marijuana cone in the middle that will burn good without burnins on the side of the joint.

how to roll a joint part 3Step Three: Close the Joint

Now its time to close the joint. Everything is ready to pick it up and to give it your best to close it. I know that a lot of people find this the hard part but if you did you preperations good you will be able to close it.

What you need to do is to take the paper in your hands and fold it a littlebit so the tabacco falls around the marijuana. Roll it a few times, so it will get more compact, before you try to close it.

When you feel bumps in it, it means that you didn’t put the tabacco and marijuana in good. If it feels straight you did a good job.

Now its time to close the joint. Start at the side of the roach and work your way up to the end of the Joint.

Tip: One of the importand things is that you have to tap the joint down on the table for a few times. This way your joint will burn and smoke ways better.