Thrips are a small tiny bug that can create serious devastation to your marijuana plants. Although usually easier to get rid of than spider mites they are difficult to see.

The damage they make to your medical marijuana plants looks similar to spider mite damage and is often mistaken for mites but the silvery colored blotches with little black spots in them is the tell tale sign of a Thrip infestation.

Thrips can be taken care of in a few easy steps but they need to be properly identified.

Once Identified you will probably need to get some things:

*  Monterey Garden Spray
*  Diatomaceous Earth (organic agricultural grade)
*  Bug Sprayer
*  Mosquito Dunks
*  Fly Paper
*  Electric Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
*  Measuring Spoon
*  Water

Thrips can cause yield loss and even give your medical marijuana plants a virus that will never go away. This could seriously damage your genetic stock. If you see Thrips in your grow room take action immediately.

Plug in as many electronic ultrasonic bug “repellers” as possible.

Mix up your Mosquito Dunks and water your plants with them Mosquito Dunks have organisms in them that kill Thrip larvae when they are at the soil stage. They live in the soil for a certain duration.

Break 1 Mosquito Dunk In half and  soak it in a 5 gallon bucket of water. Use that water to feed and water your plants with until it’s gone.Mix up a batch of Monterey Garden Spray for Thrips. Use the manufacturers directions. Spray the bottoms of the leaves then the tops of the leaves and the rest of the plant with the Monterey Garden Spray. It’s best to spray just before the lights go out but make sure you have ample ventilation.

Don’t spray Monterey Garden Spray on flowers you are going to harvest within 3 weeks or less.

Two doses of Monterey Garden Spray will usually take care of a Thrip infestation but sometimes they keep coming in from the source. If this is the case you may have to use Monterey Garden Spray and other Thrip control methods all the way through Thrip season.

Thrips often live in your lawn and every time you walk in your yard you could pick up a Thrip and bring it into your grow room.

You may want to spray your Lawn with Monterey Garden Spray to control your Thrip problem during season if you keep getting re-infestations

Make sure to put up fly paper and check it often. Fly paper can help you notice flying pests in your grow area but you have to replace them often. They need to be replaced once a month or so anyway because the sticky stuff usually gets hard from the lights etc. .

Never give up fighting the good fight. Once you learn how to keep Thrips away from your grow room and kill them when they enter you will be free of their troubles.

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