How to Make Weed Gummies

Cannabis edibles have many forms, but none as cute as weed gummies! If you’re still munching on brownies and cookies, then you’re missing out on a variety of options. Not only is it easy to make at home, but it’s convenient to eat if you’re feeling snacky.


When you’re craving the psychoactive effects of weed, you don’t just light a joint and hope people will mind their own business. Your neighbors can complain about the smell, and your roommates might not appreciate the constant presence of smoke. If getting high is your only objective, then popping one or two cannabis-infused gummy bears might do the trick.


With that said, YouTuber HowToWeed, is back to show you how to make weed gummies the easy way.

What you’re going to need

Making weed gummies is one of the easiest homemade recipes for edibles. You’ll only need a distillate to inject your cannabis concentrate, a gummy mold, a container to mix in your ingredients, and store-bought gummy bears or worms. Jello mix can also be used as your gelatin base.

Following the recipe

Heat up your container

Before melting your gummy candy, preheat a cooking pot or glass container to approximately 140°F. Once the container has warmed up a bit, start putting your gummy candy inside and wait for them to melt.

Add the cannabis concentrate

Once the gummies have melted, use your distillate to inject cannabis concentrate into the mixture. Make sure it’s decarbed before injecting. Remember, if cannabis is not decarbed or decarboxylated, it will remain non-psychoactive. In layman’s terms, it won’t get you high, and it can waste a perfectly good batch of gummies.


It’s also optional to add in some decarbed shatter. If the shatter is too hard, wait for it to melt for easy mixing. 

Thoroughly mix everything

You want to make sure that the gummy mixture is completely infused with the cannabis concentrate. Mixing can be done with no additional tools, just by hand would be fine. 

Pour the mixture into the mold

After a few minutes of mixing, pour the cannabis-infused gummy mixture into your mold. It would be sticky enough to not make a mess, but be careful not to spill anything over the mold. You’ll want to collect every drop so evenly distribute the mixture to fill in all the slots. 

Put it in the freezer

You’re almost done! All you have to do is leave the mold inside the freezer for about an hour and voilà. Keeping it too long in the freezer will make it hard to eat so about an hour’s wait is enough to have you munching in the same jelly consistency of gummies.

Make your gummies extra sweet

If you find the gummies too sticky, you can choose to coat them in sugar. The sweet coat will make it easier to pick up and eat the gummies to satisfy your sugar fix! 


Now that you know how to make weed gummies, you can now cook a batch to keep you on a delicious high whenever you want. 

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