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How To Easily Make Cannabutter

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How To Easily Make Cannabutter


What is Cannabutter?

Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter that is often used to make cannabis edibles such as pot cookies, brownies, candies and other edibles.

It can be purchased at some dispensaries however if you make your own it can be more cost effective and yield a greater quantity for the long run.

Typically cannabutter can last up to 6 month in the refrigerator and can be substituted for regular butter.

Do note that cannabis butter and cannabis budder are two completely different things. Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate which is typically smoked.

Find out how to make cannabutter easily using the recipe below.

Items Needed:

  • 1 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup quality medical marijuana trim/bud
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 sauce pans
  • Cheesecloth

Bring the water to a boil in a stainless steel sauce pan, then add the unsalted butter. Turn the boil down to a simmer and add the medical marijuana.

Simmer the mixture for three to four hours and add more hot water when needed. Make sure not to let the water get to low and the amount of water isn’t extremely important. If you use a large sauce pan just use more water.

Some people boil their cannabutter for less than three hours but we find that we get better results when we boil for at least three hours.What happens is that the butter being an oil absorbs THC from the resin glands on the medical marijuana. Other cannabinoids also accumulate in the butter. If you have a vaporizer you can even add your “carbolized” or used medical marijuana to the mix. This may help with those who have neurological problems or need strong pain medicine.

After the mix simmers for at least three hours place cheesecloth over a large bowl and pour the mix through the cheesecloth. Have somebody hold the cheesecloth tight or use a large rubber band to hold it on the bowl. This will separate the trim from the butter. It’s good to run some pure hot water through the cheesecloth to remove any butter that may be caught up in the cloth. You can simmer a pan of water on the side just before you filter off the marijuana from the butter.

Remove the cheese cloth and put the bowl of cannabutter mix in your refrigerator or freezer to cool down faster. (If you use your freezer be careful not to let the water freeze.) The cannabutter will separate from the water and float on the top of the water. When the cannabutter cools down it will harden. Don’t heat medical marijuana beyond 300 degrees when making butters or oils because it degrades the THC which weakens it’s strength.

Once the cannabutter hardens it will cover the top of the bowl. Now you simply poke a hole on the side of the cannabutter and slowly drain off the water that’s below the cannabutter.

Cannabutter will last about 1 week in the refrigerator. You can freeze it and get a month or more out if it that way. You can also use this same method to make canna oil by using olive oil and other cooking oils.

Use your cannabutter in any recipe that calls for butter. You can also cut it with regular butter if it is too strong etc.

The Magical Butter Machine

In the wake of the 21st century, technology has made so many processes a lot easier and less stressful. Manual processes and procedures have been replaced with technology that would carry out common tasks to an exact specification. Some of these machines are a lot more precise and efficient than human beings could ever be due to our various limitations. Thanks to advancement, there is basically a machine to take care of any process that can be thought of; even the process of infusion. Infusion in this sense simply refers to addition or combination of a measure of cannabis with some other basic substance such as food, alcohol, or even lotions and creams.

This process which involves removing the essence from cannabis leaves might sound a bit technical and is definitely stressful when it is being done manually.

This is because it would involve taking special care to ensure that there is no contamination and that the entire essence is gotten out of the leaves to prevent waste. The medical grade cannabis is very expensive and if there is any contamination or problems when extracting the essence out of this herb, it would have to be disposed of and this implies a waste of resources. The invention of microprocessor-controlled machinery with an ultra high quality of production has made these problems a thing of the past.

magical butter machine

Magical Butter Cannabutter Maker

The Magical Butter Machine has presented the solution to whatever problems might arise as a result of processing and infusion of cannabis. This technology basically takes care of the entire infusion process due to some features it possesses like the ability to blend, heat, stir, grind, and steep materials at the exact required time and temperature intervals. This piece of technology literally revitalized the cannabis industry and brought a new lease of life of ease to users and cannabis lovers. The perfume and cosmetics industry was not left out either as they maximized this machine’s function for infusing flowers and herbs or spices. The Magical Butter Machine has a very broad-reaching flexibility that makes it applicable when it comes to infusion of craft spirits with fully decarbed THC for medicinal purposes.

Delicate botanical substances like cannabis need gentle and constant heating to fully extract the component essence within the herbs and infuse them into butter or oil or even alcohol. The high quality, stainless-steel blender that comes with the Magical Butter Machine makes for an effective stirrer therefore no manual stirring of any type is required. The machine contains the tell-tale smell of cannabis within the container so that the smell does not permeate the surrounding where the cooking is taking place. There is very little overall noise and this compact device is in reality a completely self-contained, microprocessor controlled heating element. This device takes out all the stress and gamble that used to be associated with the process of infusion.

The Magical Butter Machine has many built-in applications from infused butter and oil to even cosmetics and infused craft spirits. Before this device came about, infusion was a very difficult and delicate task. And even half of the time, there was never any guarantee that the infusion would work out. There used to be a lot of waste and the process was still an arduous one; the issues of regulating temperature and grinding alongside errors in judgment were delicate factors. However, with the advent of this machine, all those have become a thing of the past since the machine takes care of all these details and there is never the problem of an error in judgment when making use of the Magical Butter Machine.

Operation of the Magical Butter Machine is really easy and does not involve much stress. The first step to take towards infusion is decarbing the herbs. The machine actually comes with a high quality silicon box that is very handy and can easily fit into your toaster or oven; it also possesses a steel braided temperature probe. This container is very precise and also makes the decarbing process simple while preventing the smell from escaping. After the decarb process has taken place at about 240 degrees celsius for about 45 minutes, the container is left to cool before being replaced in the Magical Butter Machine. One very essential precaution to take is to ensure that the herbs have not ground up.

There is a high velocity blender that is built into the sealed, stainless steel container. The entire top fits into and over the heating vessel and clicks in perfectly. There are a series of lights surrounding the lid and some buttons on the touch pad too. More often than not, the machine is usually operated at a temperature of about 160 degrees. Also, it is highly advisable to start with very small amounts of cannabis when infusing begins then building up from there.

magical butterSome of the unique features that make this machine stand out include:

  • Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled program sequences such that you could actually set the timer and temperature and go ahead to do other stuff without having to bother about the process or checking on the machine since the machine actually does all of the work.
  • The machine is totally self-cleaning and does not make a mess.
  • It comes with a cookbook that helps to put new users through the basic processes.
  • The machine comes with a pure filtration bag and silicone glove that can be used when working on the machine.
  • The container is constructed with very high quality stainless steel material.
  • Integrated sensors and digital thermostat that ensures the temperature control works effectively and you don’t end up burning your cannabis.
  • Users can get 2-5 cups per cycle.

When the entire process is over, the machine gives a beep and whirs to a stop automatically. There is totally no need for you to sit by the machine and watch it while waiting for the timer to stop so you can put it off.

The Magical Butter Machine remains the easiest and most efficient device for any cannabis lover to get high quality infusion with little or no stress.

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