How To Make Cannaoil (Cannabis Oil )

What is Cannaoil? “Cannaoil” is short for cannabis oil, which is oil that is infused with cannabinoids (such as THC) that have been extracted from cannabis. These cannabinoids are what give cannabis it’s medical and hallucinogenic properties. Cannaoil can be used to make almost any food that includes oil or butter. These “edibles” are frequently used both recreationally and in the medical marijuana scene. Brownies, muffins, pastries and other bakery products are common for using cannabis oil or cannabis butter.


In the following procedure we will show you the correct way to create cannabis butter. We will also include recipes and recommendations for specific treats as well as highly the pros and cons of using cannaoil instead of cannabutter.

The process for preparing cannaoil and cannabutter are similar, so you may notice some overlap in the process. Both cannaoil and cannabutter will give similar effects. The main thing to consider when choosing which to use is the amount of time you have and what the recipe calls for. Though you can use oil instead of butter, it may be best to use butter in a recipe that calls for butter and vice versa. Cannabutter is considered easier by some; however, it takes much longer, so cannaoil is recommend for projects that have a short finishing time. Cannaoil can be completed in an oil, whereas cannabutter usually takes overnight.