How To Decide What Vaporizer is Right For You

Vaporizing has become a popular method of inhaling substances, particularly cannabis in Canada now that the legislation has passed. Vaporizing is known in more commonly used terms as vaping. Though vaporizers may seem on the surface-level like a very simple device – and they certainly are in terms of using them – it is not a “one size fits all” type of device. On the contrary, there are so many different vaporizers to choose from, and making the right decision can affect your vaping experience greatly. But this does not mean that finding the perfect vaporizer for your personal preferences and needs is impossible. Yes, there are so many options to choose from. Thankfully, there are some key characteristics to consider when personalizing your choice which can reduce your stress and limit your choice.


Buying a vaporizer is not something which is obviously cheap or expensive, the prices vary considerably depending on the features you require or desire. They can cost anything from $50 to $500, depending on the type of product, the brand, and what sort of experience you are looking for. Your decision is therefore reasonably dependent on your budget, though there is sometimes wiggle-room with good deals or brand specials. Thankfully, there are usually options for every budget and you are not likely to totally lose out if you are limited by money. Once you know what you like, you can consider spending more, but in the beginning, it should not be a source of too much concern or stress.

Start out simple and build it up from there – you would not, for instance, buy a top of the range knife set before you have worked out what you intend on cooking. Nor would you purchase the most expensive perfume or cologne without smelling it first. In fact, it is therefore sometimes advisable not to spend too much on your first vaporizer, no matter how much it appears to suit your needs. The reason for this is that you will learn what you like and the elements you prefer from experience – as much as research and knowledge is helpful and essential when making the decision, it is something best learnt through practice and it is important to try things before you can know for certain. Therefore, your first few vapes will probably teach you what you like and don’t like but is unlikely to be perfect.

Do not go too cheap, though. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. A good quality product takes a certain degree of skill, products, and knowledge to make and if it is excessively cheap, it means something along the line was skipped. Perhaps it was labour, perhaps some strange toxins went into the mouthpiece… It is not worth the risk. Approach overwhelmingly cheap products with caution.

In the same breath, do not become obsessed with the price and go in the other direction, buying a very expensive one under the misunderstanding that the increased price means it is a better product. Though gadgets and trinkets may appear cool in theory, you never know just how useful they actually are and therefore research is still an important requirement. Do not let a salesperson convince you of the frills and trills when what you know you actually need is something plain and simple. Keep your wits about you and you should be fine – often, the middle-range products are the best.


You need to decide what context you want your vaporizer for. For instance, if you want it to smoke on the go or even just to be able to move it around at ease, you will want to buy something portable. However, you may prefer a desktop vaporizer, which comes with a different range of characteristics and benefits. It is also dependent on what you plan on vaping.

Portable Vaporizers. These are what most people will associate with the action of vaping, as people often smoke them on the go and can be seen doing it in the street, in parks and so forth. For people who are turning to vaping as a replacement for smoking, this is often their choice of shape because it means they can use it in place of where they may have had a smoking break.

These are also the apparent choice for people who want to be able to move their vaporizer around. It is a cheaper option, as well, for obvious reasons – just the size and technology being the major reasons, to name a couple. Portable vaporizers are best suited to inhaling concentrated liquids, because they are not equipped, usually, with sufficient temperature regulators for cannabis or dried herbs. In order for these substances to have the optimum effect, they need to be heated correctly. So, this may rule portable vaporizers out for some, but it may cause no limit for others.



A durable handheld vaporizer built for adventure! The DaVinci Classic combines a feature-rich platform and rugged portability that is perfect
Desktop Vaporizers. Comparing portable and desktop vaporizers can be likened in some ways to comparing a desktop computer with a laptop. Both have individual benefits, and often both do very similar things, but one or the other is usually picked based on the need for mobility. Desktop vaporizers, though good, reliable and often more advanced and expensive, are limiting in that they are required to stay where they are. Obviously, they are not impossible to move. However, they are not the right choice if movement is something you regard as a priority. Again, these are the best option if your main objective is to smoke dried herbs. The extra power and strength they have is important for maintaining a suitable quality, standard and effect of the cannabis.

Once you have considered how mobile you want your vaporizer to be, and what you intend to use it for, you have narrowed the options down once more and you are ready to contemplate more specifically than in this segment what you plan on vaping.


Different vaporizers may be less likely to handle the substance you are putting inside it than others, as we discussed when looking into the strengths and weaknesses of portable versus desktop vaporizers. You must remember things like the fact that certain vaporizers can only take fluids, whereas others can only take dried flowers. There are also ones that can do both, if you do not have a particular preference.

It may seem like deciding now what type of substance you intend on vaping is unnecessary – you may want it to be versatile, and this decision may defeat that purpose. In some ways, it is not particularly important. Naturally, you are not required to know absolutely everything you plan on putting inside your vaporizer in the near future. However, if you have a general idea of what texture or format of substance you will be using your vaporizer for, you are less likely to be disappointed if the situation arises in which your vaporizer in unsuitable for the substance you wish to vape.

Materials To Avoid

To make the decision simpler yet, these are some of the things you should avoid in terms of what the vaporizer itself is made out of. If any of it, but particularly the mouthpiece, is made of plastic, aluminium or metal alloys, you are likely to be harmed once you fire up your vaporizer. These elements release toxic chemicals when heated. While your health may not seem like a high priority whilst vaping, it is important to make the process as safe as possible in the areas in which you have control.

Often, producers of vaporizers that are trying to cut costs will use these products, so it is particularly important to heed this warning if you are looking into purchasing something cheaper. Try find out every ingredient that went into the making of the device in order to protect yourself from harmful elements.


The brand of vaporizer you choose links slightly to cost, but it is important for other reasons. Most brands have a range of products, from cheap to expensive, so this is not necessarily to do with snobbery or showing off. Instead, brands guarantee a degree of safety, as they can be held accountable. While you may be tempted by cheaper products without a brand, this may lead to the vaporizer being made from unreliable products, and it may cause you damage.

Some major brands to look out for are: Arizer, DaVinci, Firefly, Grenco, Haze, KandyPens, Linx, Magic Flight, Pulsar, Utillian, Vapir, Storz & Bickel and VapeXhale. This is just to name a few. You should do the relevant research before you shop, and perhaps pick a brand which you identify with or appreciate. This way, your options are narrowed once more!


conduction vs convection vaporizerUp until now, you have read about different choices that will affect your vaping experience in various ways. Mostly, they have come down to aesthetics and monetary issues. However, there is another major element to consider, which is how the vaporizer works. There are two primary ways that they work, convection and conduction.

Convection creates vapour by forcing hot air around what you are vaping, which results in melting and leads to steam. Thus, the vapour itself is real. If you prefer a mild taste that is vastly different to the experience of smoking, then you will likely prefer convection vapes.

Conduction actually makes contact with what you are smoking rather than just around it, and sometimes leads to it being set alight. Therefore, the taste – often as a result of burning – is more like smoking and creates a harsher, more flavoured taste. It is not pure vapour like convection.

Now that you know the difference, if you are a first time buyer, you are probably less likely to know which you prefer. But that is the most important thing to realize – that this comes down to a matter of preference. Both convection and conduction are successful and unsuccessful for different reasons, but what people choose mostly comes down to which experience they prefer, which always varies. That is again why it is important not to spend too much on your first vape, in case you find that what you bought really does not work for you.


Next, you need to decide whether you want to be able to control your temperature. If you are smoking cannabis, this is reasonably important, as you can control the release of THC through a gentle heating.

Different vaporizers are able to do different things when it comes to temperature, so if this is something that interests or concerns you, you may want to limit yourself to devices that allow temperature regulation. However, if you cannot afford this, do not be too concerned. All vapes, even the cheap ones, come with a certain degree of temperature regulatory technology, so it is not to say you will not be able to experience cannabis. The experience might just be somewhat less tailored.


There are two main ways to buy a vaporizer – filled, or fillable. Buying a pre-filled vaporizer is a good idea for first timers, as they are cheaper and you can try a range before settling on a type. They are often single-use if they are prefilled, which is again useful if you are trying things out before spending some more money. The concentration of the prefilled vaporizers is both a good and a bad thing depending on your experience. It is good because it takes out a lot of decisions for you, by giving specific strength, temperature and rations. It is bad because if you like your mix a certain way, you do not have this option.

The refillable ones are more expensive, however they make their money’s worth if you use them often enough. Spending a little more, once you know what you are looking for, can overall lead to a better vaping experience. These are best for concentrate, though. If you wish to vape dried herbs or cannabis, you need something a bit sturdier. Therefore, in this case, a selling point for desktop vaporizers.

So there you have it – a hopefully more clear understanding of all the elements to take into account when choosing a vaporizer. Try not let the decision overwhelm you, and constantly remind yourself the value of trial and error. Start small and work your way up. Get to know yourself as a vaper before you start splashing out.


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