This is the one question that almost every new stoner asks. Movies like Cheech and Chong and How High have everyone believing that you need to hold your hit in a minute at the least and several at the most at least until you almost pass out from lack of oxygen.

Every smoker typically has their own opinion and method for holding in their hits as well as how long they think is optimal, but depending on who you talk to that can vary widely from stoner to stoner.

How long should you really hold your hits in?

If you’re an experienced marijuana smoker then you are probably set at being able to hold your hits in practically as long as you want. If you’re new to marijuana smoking chances are your hit-holding ability will not be that great, it is a skill that comes with time.

cheech smoking joint

Several medical studies by high-end organizations have stated that beyond 10 seconds of holding in your marijuana smoke you’re simply wasting your breath. This, for the most part is true. After 10 seconds your lungs have absorbed all the THC out of the marijuana smoke that is possible for your lungs, but that doesn’t mean all of the THC is gone from the remaining smoke, sure a lot of it is but there it still at most 25% THC left in that smoke so you can recycle it whichever way you want, whether that means blowing it in your cat’s face or get your girlfriend to suck it up for her own lightweight hit.

But why do I get higher after holding my hit in for 1 minute plus?

Simple answer. Your brain is being deprived of the oxygen that you’d normally get during that entire time. Sure, you get a head rush but that’s due to a lack of oxygen being combined with the effects of marijuana. Other than that, holding your hit in for that long does not get you higher by absorbing more THC.

Some people simply prefer to hold their hits in until they pass out, others who don’t want to kill that many braincells due to lack of oxygen will find that after 10 seconds they’re done.