I’d like to preface this article by declaring that the views, and opinions, I have about medical marijuana to treat people, are from my heart and love for this harmonious natural miracle.

how long does marijuana stay in your systemMedical marijuana is typically broken in two dominant strains, and typically has two highly active compounds or cannabinoids, THC and CBD. I’m sure most of us who tried marijuana for the first time experienced either a head high or body high; these highs are from the psychoactive properties of THC. For those people who want the pain relief benefits from marijuana with less psychoactive results should choose products with a high CBD amount. The head high is recommended for people with anxiety, migraines, and insomnia. The body high is typically for people who suffer from muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, and pretty much any other painful body ailment.

According to SensiSeeds  “Cannabis Sativa dominant strains give you a stoned feeling,” and I would argue that this feeling has become pop culture, hence when it is used to describe a marijuana user as a “stoner.”  I find this high to be very effective in treating my chronic migraines and anxiety; it is also very beneficial for people who suffer from bipolar disorder.

Medical marijuana with a body high is typically a Cannabis Indica dominant strain. I love this “couch coma” strain, especially after physical labor or when my knees hurt. This strain of marijuana is great for relaxation and physically debriefing your physical strains from a long day.

I hope this has been a useful and simple tool to help you better use your medicine, and understanding how it can help you treat your ailments. If you want a good “stoned” feeling that can help you through migraines, and depression try a Sativa heavy strain. For those who won’t a more body high while experiencing pain relief from arthritis, back pain, and many other aches then I would suggest an Indica heavy strain with a higher CBD percentage. Thanks for reading and I hope I have helped shed some light on this progressively less taboo subject.

CBD strains traditionally have a lower psychoactive high and more of a pain reliever feeling. I have yet to try a medical marijuana product with a high CBD. I feel this would be the perfect pain relieving medicine, and will soon take the place of many pain relieving pharmaceuticals. I think that CBD would have been a great product for my grandfather who suffered from cancers that ravaged his body.

We are on the verge of bringing natural medicine back to the front line. Medical marijuana can be such a beneficial medicine, but like any medicine, please do your research and seek individuals with a much more in-depth knowledge than myself. From tinctures to edibles and all the in-betweens; there are some many ways to use marijuana medicinally and enjoy them. Please visit Sensi Seeds for more in-depth and sci