effects of cannabis on cat and dogs pets

CBD oil has been popularly used on animals for quite some time due to its effectiveness and safety. As many people may already know CBD works by activating the cannabinoid (CB) receptors in the human body (among other receptors). These  receptors are responsible for regulating appetite, pain, mood and memory.

Similarly, pets also have CB receptors in their bodies following the same scientific basis which according to research can treat nausea, seizures, anxiety, stress, gastrointestinal issues, Arthritis, symptoms of Cancer, Back pain, and other Health conditions.

cbd for dogs in canadaAnti-Inflammatory

One of the benefits of CBD for dogs and cats is its anti-inflammatory effects which helps prevent inflammation by inhibiting adenosine (it helps receptor regulate inflammation) reabsorption. In addition, CBD helps activate the TRV-1 receptor which has been shown to significantly decrease pain and inflammation.

Pain Relief

CBD has been shown to provide effective pain relief in humans. Similarly it can provide the same benefits for pets suffering from pain. CBD helps to promote healing by first reducing inflammation which is the primary cause of pain. It works by interacting with dopamine receptors which help regulate pleasure as well as opioid receptors to regulate pain. In recent times scientists have begun to classify CBD as a new class of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug.

Reduce Anxiety

One of the most common benefits of CBD for pets is its ability to reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD has antidepressant effects on animals and has been found to help boost serotonin signaling. This increase in serotonin can improve mood and reduce anxiety. Rest assured, it does not produce any psychoactive effects since it doesn’t interact directly with the same receptors that interact with THC. Dogs and cats can suffer from various behavioral anxieties;  including aggression and separation which can be treated with the use of CBD or CBD Oils.

Relieve Arthritis

This is a chronic disease commonly which affects both dogs and cats. Arthritis is a degenerative disease which causes swelling and pain and involves the deterioration of joints. Chronic arthritis can cause your pet to become aggressive, stiff or immobile, fatigued or have difficulty walking or getting up. Even though you can treat arthritis in pets using conventional drugs like opioids and NSAIDs for pain relief, prolonged usage of these drugs can negatively affect them.

Adversely CBD can be given to pets for those concerned about common side effects attributed to prescription drugs. CBD is an effective way to ease your pet’s arthritis since it’s a natural pain and anti-inflammatory reliever.

cbd for catsDestroy Cancer Cells

Although there is no evidence yet that CBD can cure cancer, studies have shown that CBD can destroy cancer cells. Additionally, CBD can help ease symptoms caused by cancer including nausea, pain, inflammation and loss of appetite. This is typically why humans consume CBD during chemotherapy treatment.

Relieve Skin Allergies

Sometimes pets can experience common allergies from pests, medication, food or the environment. These allergies can cause itching and skin inflammation. According to some studies, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a significant role in reducing inflammation and it can help alleviate some of the effects including severe allergies. Since CBD activates the ECS receptors it can reduce symptoms associated with skin allergies and regulate the ECS.

Help with Symptoms of Diabetes

There are two ways in which CBD can help pets with diabetes. It can help stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors and relieve the symptoms associated with diabetes including insufficient blood circulation and chronic inflammation.

Prevent Glaucoma

The buildup of pressure in the eye causes glaucoma. Symptoms typically include swelling, redness, pain, headache, and can lead to vision loss if prolonged. It is a relatively a common disorder that can develop from injuries, genetic dispositions, and infections. According to laboratory studies, CBD can reduce intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma.

cbd for petsImprove Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular condition is very common among pets and more specifically dogs. Heart diseases found in pets include heart murmur, myocardial disease, pericardial disease and arrhythmia. According to some studies, CBD is effective in reducing cardiovascular damage and reduce inflammation in the vascular system while preventing further damage. CBD can also help to reduce the effects of stress on your pet’s cardiovascular system.

Promote Hair Growth

Factors such as dermatitis, allergies, hot spots, eczema, dry skin and other factors can cause hair loss in pets. CBD can help pets from a reduction in hair loss thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties which ease the symptoms of skin allergies. This allows the skin to heal and encourages the growth of new hair.