Cannabis is basically a substance that is derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa. It usually grows in the tropical and temperate regions of the world and is commonly referred to as Marijuana. Cannabis contains about 113 compounds called cannaboids. These cannaboids have specific effects on the biological and chemical composition and structure of the body. There are a lot of medical and recreational benefits that can be gotten from cannabis when used by individuals of any age. But most especially, cannabis also helps out seniors in so many ways hitherto. For so many years, there has been a gross misconception on the actual uses and benefits that can be derived from usage of cannabis. Most people have only looked on it as the illegal drug used by hippies and drug addicts to get high.

However, with the evolution that comes with time, many other uses of cannabis have been discovered and are being exploited. Individuals such as seniors who do not necessarily have to smoke it can still make use of it in various ways such as infusions into oils, creams and even edible substances. CBD offers users the benefits of its health-boosting prospects without them necessarily having to get high. This is due to the fact that CBD can be transmitted as an isolated extract without the major psychoactive compound THC. This of course does not mean that seniors cannot roll up a joint or two whenever they feel like smoking. Some of the major benefits that cannabis offers to seniors include the following:

1.    Non-Addictive Ability

Due to the age in which seniors grew up, most of them have the wrong mentality that making use of cannabis the first time immediately makes them addicted. The fact remains that there are individuals that actually use cannabis on a daily basis and still are not addicted in any way. Also, users can always stop making use of cannabis at any time without having to suffer any withdrawal symptoms or side effects. Unlike the effects that stem from stopping the use of tobacco or drinking, there is totally no adverse effects from stopping the use of cannabis abruptly. Replacing opioids with cannabis is a very beneficial option due to the non-addictive property of cannabis as compared to pain killers.

2.    Increases Appetite

Advancement in age in humans usually comes with a reduction in appetite and the amount of food generally eaten by seniors. This inability to consume as much food usually leads to loss in weight, reduction in energy levels and general tissue weakening. There may also be eating anxieties and some other mental problems. CBD oils can totally help seniors prevent this type of situation of lack of appetite. It can act as a form of excellent stimulant for the appetite and also improves digestion in seniors. This way, seniors get to eat well and stay healthy thanks to the stimulating effect of the CBD oils.

3.    Strengthens the Bones

Improving the health of bones is something that the CBD oils do. During the aging process, bones usually become a lot weaker and even more fragile than they used to be when the seniors were younger. Using CBD oil aids in healing fractures and ensuring healthy bones. Being a rich anti-inflammatory agent, CBD is very useful in treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. Also, patients suffering from osteoporosis and osteopenia can also make use of the CBD oil. Whenever the CBD oil is to be purchased however, care should be taken to ensure that it is purchased from an authentic marijuana dispensary or a genuine online dispensary with the doctor’s recommendation. CBD oils essentially strengthen the bones and help to develop healthier muscles.

4.    Better Alternative to Drugs

Due to the fact that seniors basically have to take drugs on a daily basis for one reason or the other, the side effects of the use of these drugs are usually evident after a while. Meanwhile the side effects that stem from the use of cannabis are very insignificant compared to the most common pharmaceutical drugs that are used by seniors on a daily basis. Statistics show that not a single person has ever died from a THC overdose. Also, cannabis contains very powerful anti-oxidants that provide relief to a number of illnesses and diseases commonly suffered by seniors. These diseases include lupus, irritable bowel syndrome and also liver inflammation from hepatitis C. Making use of Cannabis on a regular basis helps to relief the pain without leaving any major side effect in its wake.

5.    Treatment of Multiple Diseases

Despite the fears that surround the use of cannabis, studies have shown that it is in fact really effective in treating multiple diseases and illnesses. Conditions like glaucoma, cancer, heart diseases, chronic pain, and degenerative brain disorders can easily be treated using Cannabis. The addition of cannabis to the medication of seniors reduces the amount of normal prescriptions they would take and also boosts their health life due to the lack of side effects associated with the use of cannabis. Dangerous Opioid painkillers which are highly addictive are heavily reduced thanks to the addition of medical cannabis to the drugs used. Medicated creams infused with cannabis can also be used in provision of relief for back pain, muscle pain and sore joints. Aside the fact that they are effective, they also smell nice and do not make the user high thus making it safe to use throughout the day.

Seniors have now become the fastest-growing users of cannabis and this is mainly due to the fact that using medical cannabis has proven to have so many advantages. The mentality of cannabis being mainly used by drug addicts and hippies is gradually becoming a thing of the past since so many recreational and medical uses have been discovered.

Basically, cannabis is safe because it is natural and can be used for a very wide range of treatments without fear of side effects stemming from indiscriminate use. There is literally nothing like overdosing when it comes to the use of cannabis for seniors.

Cannabis has indeed become a very potent source of cure for various ailments.