herbalizer vaporizerWe have found that a good herbal vaporizer can (kind of) perform one function well enough. There are several cheap vaporizers that specialize in whip style direct inhalation delivery. But when one vape attempts true multi-functionality, it doesn’t excel at any of the methods of inhalation, making for a disappointing user experience. The Herbalizer breaks the mold and is one versatile vaporizer.The Volcano has been the leader in bag-only devices because it managed to single out a stable system for convection vaporization. The Herbalizer is the first multifunctional device to excel at both whip and bag vaporization without sacrificing any performance. Yes, we were skeptical, and yes, we are happy to be made into believers.

Based largely on the precision temperature control and high-end components, the Herbalizer vaporizes equally well as a whip- or bag-vaporizer. The Herbalizer breaks it down into two categories of use: Vaportherapy and Aromatherapy.


herbalizer weed list mail order marijuanaThe Herbalizer has coined the term “vaportherapythe ability to control the intensity of your experience with accurate heat settings, from 290 – 445°F. Customize the benefits of your favorite herbs, oils, and concentrates through precise extractions and repeatable effects.” Basically, it is vaporizing precisely to produce a targeted therapeutic effect. We like it.


The whip mode is the most common direct inhalation method across vaporizers. It is usually dependent on the users inhalation to control the airflow over the heating element to produce a nonstandard (usually unstable) convection. The Herbalizer allows the user-driven convection or offers a ‘boost mode’ where you can use the whip with the integrated blower for a steady-state convection vaporization experience.


The bag or balloon mode is considered the most effective IF you can manage the steady-state convection. The Herbalizer has a compact, minimized airflow pathway and a strong blower to maintain stable, reliable convection vaporization for bag inflation. The bags are similar to the Volcano vaporizer’s Easy Valve bags, but not as cumbersome or loud.


The Herbalizer is the first herbal vaporizer we’ve tested that gives an honest nod to aromatherapy. Using a small metal mesh ‘aromapad’, you can use the Aromatherapy settings to set duration and strength of airflow via a separate blower in the front of the unit. The Herbalizer even includes a sample size bottle of proprietary essential oils called “DeFunk” for use with the device. And it smells nice, too. Bonus points: the Herbalizer can be closed and still run in Aromatherapy mode, so you can set it and forget it.

Mezzanine storage

A major score for versatility is that the Herbalizer has integrated storage for all accessories (except the bag) within the lid. Brush, stash box, extra screens, grinder card, essential oil, and aromapads all stow neatly in the mez