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How to Grow Weed – Part 3

Grooming It is not always necessary to prune cannabis plants, but there are reasons why growers do prune them. The first reason is that it will encourage growth, and it allows light to reach leaves that were hidden and are not mature. There is also another reason with some strains, this is cannabis plants that naturally are bushy, and the thickness when clipped allows sap to move freely to the top of the plant to the buds. Resin covered buds is what the grower is after and if the marijuana plant is left not pruned the sap does not move to the top of the plant as freely and that means buds with less resin. Pruning the cannabis plant is [...]

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How to Grow Weed – Part 2

Humidity The cannabis plants also emit toxins through their leaves and this is important for the healthy development of the plant.  They are unable to do this when the room is extremely humid, which instead causes the leaves to grow wide and there will be a reduction in the amount of resin will be produced.  It is important not to let the room become too warm in a growing area with too little humidity, this will cause the plants foliage and buds to brown. This occurs because the roots are not able to get water to the foliage fast enough in a room dry room with high heat. Ventilation Ventilation is one of other important factors in growing, and the [...]

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