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5 High CBD Cannabis Seeds For Medical Marijuana Users

For those looking to grow their own medical marijuana they may want to consider our list of high CBD strains. CBD or Cannabidiol is the foundation for medical marijuana. CBD is a compound found in cannabis that is not psychoactive meaning you won’t get high from consuming it.

High CBD Cannabis seeds can grow into medical marijuana which can help with health problems including chronic pain, epilepsy, appetite, anxiety and other medical conditions and diseases.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body which regulates pain, memory, mood and appetite. CBD effectively works to block these neurochemical receptors in the body so that users can combat chronic pain, stress and nausea. CBD is well known to treat cancer patients and stop seizures.

1. CBD Bomb Feminized

(5 Seeds) 7.5% CBD, […]

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds

feminized seedsPerhaps you have heard of the term feminized seeds from fellow growers. As the term might be a relatively new one for you, you might be asking yourself what exactly makes feminized seeds a hot item for particular growers. For those who want nothing less than growing the best weed out there, these are seeds they must keep an eye on. In this article, I would talk about what it means to have marijuana feminized and how it can potentially help growers (and users) get the product they want.

The Concept Of Feminization

Actually, when you say the word feminization, this is actually a plant culturing technique that goes beyond marijuana plants. This is a process wherein an entire seed generation […]

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Marijuana Grow Guide

Preparing to Grow

  • The Decision
  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • Lighting
  • Green Room


  • Germination Stage
  • Seedling Stage
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Sexing Plants
  • Flowering Stage


  • Harvesting
  • Trimming & Manicuring
  • Drying & Curing
  • Quick Dry Techniques
  • Smoking

Preparing to Grow

The Decision

The Decision

So you’re thinking about growing marijuana?

Growing marijuana can be both enjoyable and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful and taxing. There are many factors that need to be considered before you begin growing. As with making any major decision, you should consider both the benefits and risks of growing marijuana. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly, especially if the law forbids growing marijuana where you live.

There […]

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Growing Cannabis: Indoor vs Outdoor

Growing marijuana can be an exciting experience, with so many options on how to grow, it’s hard to decide where to even start. Hydro, dirt, organic, nutrients, it’s easy to get lost in options. First of all, you must decide where you want to grow, and I don’t mean address wise, I mean just as simple as indoor or outdoor. There are pros and cons to both, and it’s important you weigh out your options before you get started.

Growing indoor is a popular option for professional growers, having your crop on premises can really make things easily accessible, especially when you need to grow year round! Most of us do not have the pleasure of living in a tropical environment 365 days a year and have to create one […]

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Top Cannabis Seeds to Buy in Canada

feminized seedsWeed List provides hundreds of cannabis strains for those looking to buy weed online in Canada however if you’re looking to grow your own weed, you can also find hundreds of types of cannabis seeds including regular seeds, auto regular, feminized seeds, auto feminized, auto-flowering and high CBD seeds.

Since legalization of cannabis in Canada, select provinces have been granted the ability to grow up to four plants. Unfortunately those privileges to grow your own crop happened in the fall. This spring/summer of 2019, Canadians growers will finally be able  to grow their favorite strain in their own backyard.

If you’re looking to get a head start on growing your own weed this year these 5 cannabis seeds are worth the […]

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7 Simple Tips to Growing Marijuana

7 Simple Tips to Growing Marijuana

2018 marks a big year for pot users as Canada nears legalization in the near future. Every province will have its own laws regarding growing pot. For instance Ontario will allow up to 4 small cannabis plants. Weed List provides a wealth of information on growing marijuana as well as growing equipment and hundreds of cannabis seeds to choose from. Here are 7 simple tips if you plan on growing marijuana.

1) Take the time to learn as much as you can.  Knowledge is power.  Don’t just plop some seeds in some dirt under a single light and expect to grow marijuana.  The internet has numerous resources on growing marijuana. Weed List has a whole resource dedicated […]

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Cannabis Sativa Strain: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of those strains that everyone has heard of; and with good reason! The majority of people who have smoked Sour Diesel (sometimes referred to as Sour D), report that the strain makes them feel outgoing, happy, and relives any pain they were experiencing beforehand. Back in 2006 the potent sativa strain was even awarded the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup.

I have the pleasure of knowing a patient who has a medicinal marijuana growing license, so I got to watch this beautiful plant sprout from tiny seeds and grow up to be 5 – 6 feet tall.

These 90% sativa plants’ leaves started to turn a deep purple during their blooming stage and it was really amazing to see in person! Near the end of their […]

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Marijuana Cloning

Cloning is the process of making small copies out of full grown cannabis plants. This can be a tricky process and its very easy to kill them so proper care has to be taken. Clones are easy to do if you follow a few easy steps although even done properly there could be a few losses. It’s worth the experience to learn this, seeds can be hard to come by and very expensive. Clones allow you to make copies of the plant you are using so you want to make sure that it is female, healthy and has a lot of tips to cut. Usually if you know you are going to cut a certain plant for cloning, you want to top it while it’s young so more branches […]

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Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana seeds in Canada and consuming your own harvest will be cheaper than buying from your dealer. What is great about growing your own marijuana is that you can enjoy smoking it when it is freshly dried. Apart from that, growing is a nice experience. Knowing that you yourself cultivated it lets you savor your smoke all the more.

 growing marijuana seedsWhat Is The Best Location For Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Before you start the planting your marijuana seeds, choose first whether you want to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors. Consider the types and lengths of seasons in your area. You would not want your plants to freeze before you harvest due to extreme weather conditions. If you have a long sunny season, then […]

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4 Basic Steps To Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana in Canada will be a common practice for many households (well, unless you live in Manitoba or Quebec). For the rest of the provinces in Canada, each home will be able to grow up to 4 cannabis plants however growing marijuana isn't as simple as some might think.

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