Growing marijuana indoors is common for several reasons. The first is people that want to grow cannabis find that the indoor garden gives them ample time to work with their crop, because of the location. The second reason is that they are able to experiment more with an indoor crop than any other and it also allows them to avoid buying marijuana from anyone else. That means they can avoid the danger associated with buying pot from friends or off the streets and risk being caught.
The third reason that some growers that are both inexperienced and the most experienced grower is watching the seeds poke through the soil and become large lush plants that put the rest of the house plants to shame.

Can Anyone Grow Pot?

Growing pot is something that anyone can do with the right knowledge, even if they have never grown an indoor plant before; it is possible to have a high yield indoor marijuana crop. The inexperience grower about to plant the first crop of marijuana or the experience grower that has had problems in the past can find the answers they need with step-by-step directions that can make any crop of lush green high yield cannabis crop.

Step By Step

  • The first step in planting cannabis crop is to use good quality seeds, whether they come from your own stash, a friend or by purchasing good marijuana seeds. Many times people save special seeds from some pot that they felt was some of the best that they have smoked, and they will part some of the seeds in trade for some of the harvest. Ultimately it does not matter where the seeds come from, but that they are seeds that will produce a quality crop.
  • The next step is to germinate seeds, and there are several different thoughts about how this should be done. One thought is that the seeds should be germinated using damp paper towels, this method is done by wetting approximately six paper towels and ring them so that they are moist, and then the seeds are laid out in the towels and then covered by the rest of the moist paper towels. Then they are placed in a dry dark place such as a cupboard for several days until the seed splits open and the tip of the root is exposed. Another method of germinating marijuana seeds is done in much the same way, with the exception that in place of the moist paper towels sponges are used. One moist sponge is used to lay the seeds on and another is placed on top, then they are put into a dry place is dark for several days. Each of these methods the grower must check to make sure that either the sponges or paper towels do not dry out. Should they start to lose their moistness the use of a spray bottle will allow the grower to keep the seeds moist without them becoming too wet. The last method that a few growers use is to simply put the seeds into moist soil, and allow them to germinate right in the soil.
  • The third step in growing a marijuana crop is to plant the germinated seeds, this means the seeds have cracked open and there is the tail of a root formed. The seeds are planted by making an indentation in moist quality soil and placing the seed in with the beginning root down. Then the seeds are covered by sprinkling soil overtop of them, but not packing the soil down.
  • The forth and last step is to supply the cannabis plants with the proper amount of light while they are growing and in this stage the lights which are used are fluorescent. The fluorescent lighting should be hung so that it is approximately two inches above the newly planted seedlings and as they grow the lighting is raised.

These are the four most important things to remember when starting a marijuana crop, and even for the grower with no experience these are fail safe steps that will have you on your way to harvesting the first crop.

Starting a Crop from a Seed

Growing a crop of cannabis from seed means several things, first it means the seed will need to be germinated and is secondly there will need to be more seeds germinated than what the grower intends to have. This is because the chance of some of these seeds being male is a more than fifty percent possibility.
Is also possible that there will be weak plants may not do well in the grower needs to take both of these possibilities as something that could possibly happen when they decide the amount of seeds to germinate.

There are several different ways that growers germinate seeds; the first is by using the paper towels and placing seeds in the towels covering the seeds with more damp paper towels and then placing it in a dark cupboard for several days. Another method is by using damp sponges in the same manner, placing seeds on one sponge and covering them with another. There is a third method, this is only used by some growers and that is to place the seeds in a glass of water at room temperature until they split open and detail of the main root becomes visible.

Germinating the cannabis seeds can take a few days, and while this is being done the grower prepares the soil, the growing area and any other details they need to see too.  Then when the seeds have split open and a piece of the main root is visible, they can be gently planted in pots that are no larger than 6 inches with tail root facing down. This is important for the grower to make sure that this root is planted downward in order for the plant to grow.

During this time the lighting, usually florescent should be between 2 to 5 inches from plants in the grower should see the plant anywhere from 1 to 14 days. Most growers will leave the lighting on twenty-four hours a day during this period in order for the seedlings to grow faster.

All about soil

Once the work has been done to locate the perfect seeds that will provide great harvest, the next thing that needs to be done will be choosing the proper soil. This is because the seeds can only do as well as the soil that nourishes them will allow. Choosing soil for the perfect cannabis crop saving money should be the last idea that enters the growers mind, because quality soil is one of the most important ingredients in having healthy marijuana plants that have a high yield harvest. The soil needs to be sterilized soil that can be found at local stores, rather than the common yard soil, which is filled with parasites that will damage the cannabis crop and in some cases kill the plants. There are also certain properties should be looked for in the soil for the best results and growing:

  • The soil should be mixed with either perlite or sponge rock and sand should be added, this will allow the soil to drain well and at the same time missing and will help to keep the soil moist.
  • Happy and healthy marijuana plants soil will need to be the proper pH level and this is between 6.5 and 7.5, this will be the optimal pH level in which marijuana plants will grow to their full potential. Soil that is below this level or that is acidic will be problem soil for the pot plants and will require much more work to have a healthy crop.
  • One of the other things the soil should contain is humus, this allows the soil to remain moist