ForumCategory: Cannabis FlowerWhat is the difference between indica and sativa?
Karol Odling asked 2 months ago

What makes Indica and Sativa different?

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Weed List Staff answered 2 months ago

Indica is a smaller plant in stature compared to a Sativa strain. It usually doesn’t grow more than 5′ high. Indica is usually a brain high. You will go shit where did we park? Shit, did we even make it where we wanted to go? It is more a spacey high. It has a very short stubby leaf. The buds are very compact/tight and glisten with THC when they are in full bloom.

Sativa is a faster growing plant and it will grow as tall as it can. I have seen strains of this over 20′ high! I can’t post a picture because I might get in trouble, I will have to look and see if any are not showing any faces!! The leaves usually grow longer and thinner. The buds are a little looser but definitely potent!

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