In this article, we will talk about different strains that are easy to grow for beginners. We have carefully selected these strains because of their strong genetics, resistant to disease or drought, and other implications that can result from you being a beginner.

How to Choose Your First Strain

Choosing your first cannabis strain can easily turn from a headache to an exciting adventure if you have an understanding about the genetics of cannabis. Here are the first things you need to consider when choosing a strain as a beginner.

First Cannabis StrainHardiness

All plants are living things that need care and attention. This is especially important when you plant indoors as you would have to water them, adjust the climate or lighting, and even train them for a better yield. Growing cannabis is a commitment and you don’t get high yields without trying. It is not everybody that has the willpower or time to invest in growing cannabis crop; this is where an easy to grow strain comes into play. You should take the following into account when choosing a hardy cannabis strain.

  • The environmental and climatic conditions if you are growing outdoors and the conditions of the room if you are growing indoors.
  • You can use a hygrometer and a thermometer to check the conditions of the room when growing indoors.
  • You can get a strain resistant to particular extremes depending on the relative humidity. For instance, a mold-resistant is the best strain for high humidity.


You can improve the performance of a strain with proper training and nutrients and that requires you to invest time. You can dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time to care for the plants each day, this can help to increase the productivity of the cannabis plant. It is important to note that there are strains that can perform well on their own thanks to advancements in breeding.

Photoperiod vs. Auto-Flowering

A lot of growers are usually tempted into going for a feminized auto-flowering variety. This is because they are easy to grow fast growing, disease resistant, and do not need changes in their light intake before they flower. The drawback to doing this is that this variety of plants needs a lot of attention in their early life. Little mistakes like changes in their light schedule can ruin everything you have done. Generally, auto-flowering plants are not as productive as photoperiod plants. You can go for a photoperiod variety if you don’t mind waiting for a few weeks as it does not require as much time as auto-flowering plants.


Potency can mean a lot of things to different people depending on what you plan to use the cannabis for. Extensive hybridization has made categorization such as Sativa dominant strains for psychedelic high and indica dominant strains for relaxation obsolete. So it is important to select your strain carefully according to your needs. For instance, if you want a medicinal strain you should go for the one with a high CBD to THC ratio.

Best 5 Easiest Strains to Grow for Beginners

Blue Dream

This is strain that resulted from the crossing between an original Haze and a Blueberry. This is an evenly balanced hybrid that will leave its users feeling relaxed and a pleasant heady buzz. It has a top quality genetics that makes it easy to grow for beginners and you can grow it indoors and outdoors. This strain grows very tall, thus it is not ideal for indoor growers who do not want to try their hand at topping. It thrives at a temperature between 17 to 27° C and it is resistant to nutrient burn. You can expect it to flower at 8 to 9 weeks.

Height: > 79 inches
Yield: 3-6 oz/ft²
THC: 17-24%
CBD: 2%
CBN: 1%

Gorilla Glue #4

This is a 70% Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is a combination of Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sister. This strain is very sticky yet they still consider it one of the best hybrids to grow for beginners. Its yield can reach up to 21 ounces of bud per plant when you plant it correctly. It has a flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks. This strain thrives best in moderate climates and lower humidity. The Gorilla Glue #4 boasts of a THC content of about 25 to 28% on average.

Height: > 78 inches
Yield: 1-3 oz/ft²
THC: 18-25%
CBD: 0.05-01%

Green Crack

This strain is another Sativa dominant hybrid that was developed by inbreeding Skunk #1. This is a great option for beginners and it performs well in outdoor environments where they have unlimited space to grow. Green crack is sensitive to powdery mildew, so make sure you have low humidity when you are growing it. This strain has a moderate to high yield depending on the growth environment and nutrition.

Height: > 78 inches
Yield: 1-3 oz/ft²
THC: 16%


This is a heavy yield strain, and it is easy to grow for beginners. Not only is it easy to grow, but it also has a short flowering cycle. Typically Blueberry grows well both outdoors and indoors and it takes between 7 to 9 weeks to flower depending on the phenotype. If you are looking for a euphoric indica strain that can help you sleep and give you a happy demeanor, this strain is perfect for you. You can use blueberry to treat depression, chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.

Height: 30-78 inches
Yield: 3-6 oz/ft²
THC: 15-24%

White Rhino

This strain is an indica dominant hybrid that results from the combination of White Widow and an Afghani strain. White Rhino is a sturdy and stout plant with a short flowering time (8 to 9 weeks). It is a disease and mold-resistant strain. White Rhino is easy to grow for beginners and it will do well in either hydro or soil but soil brings out the most flavors.

Height: 30-78 inches
Yield: 3-6 oz/ft²
THC: 18-22%

Final Thoughts

There are different varieties of cannabis strain to choose from and it can be overwhelming when you are trying to pick the best grow. When choosing a strain to grow, consider the condition of your grow area and the medicinal benefits of the strain so as to make the best choice for your first grow.

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