Buying Weed Online

Buying cannabis online can be a tricky and complicated task for many new and seasoned cannabis consumers and patients. Luckily, there is one site helping us get through this process in an entirely new way (at least for cannabis!). The website is called Weed List and it is a catalog of cannabis products to help you compare products and prices. The process on is simple and straightforward. Instead of making you create an account and purchase weed directly, they serve to connect you to those selling medical and recreational cannabis.

Verified and Safe

While it is an online store, all sales are made directly through the vendors. The owners of the site verify the companies behind the products on the site. If you click on any strain or product, you’ll be directed to the seller’s store to make your purchase there. Weed List connects 19+ buyers with legitimate and safe sellers of cannabis. Don’t feel anxious when you buy weed online by using Weedlist. 

More than Cannabis Products

Beyond the vast selection of cannabis products, this website has some fantastic content for any fan of weed. Weed List has a forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other experts and beginners like yourself. Not sure what humidity is right for your grow room, or if you need to decarb your product, you’ll find answers to these and other questions on this cannabis forum. The best part is that everyone there loves cannabis. Ask anything cannabis-related, and get an answer without stigma or shame.

No Account Needed

Do you hate making accounts on every site you visit nowadays? Well, have no fear. This is one webpage where you won’t be asked to sign-up. When you click on that great weed, you’ll be taken to the vendor’s website. They do require creating accounts to finalize the sale. The best part is that you don’t have to commit right away. Compare the various products and sellers to find the perfect one for you. Ultimately, you don’t have to be an active member of Weed List to take advantage of its extensive catalog of cannabis products. 

What about Shipping?

Wondering if Weed List can help you get weed shipped to your door? They certainly can, in every Province and Territory in Canada. Delivery is discrete and reliable, so you can rest assured you’ll get the products safely into your hands. They use Canada post express shipping so you get your products as soon as possible. Many of the vendors offer free shipping if you order over $150 worth of cannabis, which is an added bonus. The products arrive in 1-2 days based on my experience, which is great if you hate waiting for your weed.

A Comparison Engine

Compare prices and cannabis products in the substantial existing and constantly-updated catalog. Explore the wide selection of cannabis dispensaries in Canada. The site calls itself a comparison engine, and once you check it out, you’ll see why! Feel good with your purchases made online, knowing they are safe and secure. All vendors listed on Weedlist have been verified. Get the information you need to buy the weed you want. Finding some deals is an added bonus of the deep collection of vendors listed here.

Budget Ounces 

Feeling tight for cash? You’re definitely not alone right now. Luckily, this site has budget ounces available to help you stay under your budget. These products are a great deal and never seen to be of low quality. For that optimal price point that doesn’t drain your bank account, check out the budget ounces. Save money no matter how much you buy, since you’ll be able to compare all product prices and find what’s right for you. 

Find that Perfect Strain

Not sure which strain is right for you? Read all about the differences between Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains to help you make the right choice. Many of the products and strains also have reviews, so you can read more enough to be confident you’re making the right purchase for you. There is a wealth of information on Weed List, but if you can’t find what you need, then don’t get discouraged. You can go on the Weed List forum and get the answer you need. 

All Those Product Types

Beyond the stand dried flower, this site has pre-rolls, moon rocks, vaporizers, cannabis accessories, and cannabis seeds. The amount of cannabis products out there is dizzying at times. Explore the various delivery methods, you no longer have to stick with joints and bongs! There are so many new ways to get as high as you want. Luckily, you can compare prices and potencies all in one place on Weed List. 

Ready-to-eat Edibles

For those avoiding smoking right now, edibles are a fantastic alternative. While they can be potent and you should exercise caution, the resulting high can be long-lasting and intensely enjoyable. Looking for potent edibles or mild gummies au pot? Find the perfect gummies, capsules, chocolates, cookies, and other delicious edibles for your enjoyment. For those buying on behalf of your adorable pet. You’ll find an assortment of infused products for pets on Weedlist. 

Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis connoisseur may be wondering, ‘what about extracts?’ There are all sorts of solvent and solventless options available for you on Weed List. Find hash, kief, phoenix tears, shatter, cherry oil, budder, and more inside this incredible assortment of concentrates. If you are wondering what all these terms mean, you’re not alone! All these new terms and products can make comparing a confusing process. With Weed List, at least you can compare them all in one place. And if you want to learn more, luckily they also have what you need

Learn about Cannabis on Weed List

Are you interested in learning more about cannabis? Well, then you can check out the blog on Weed List for some fantastic information all in one place. From learning about rosin, COVID-19 updates, growing tips, and cannabis laws, to detailed guides to the best strains. Trying to find a specific answer to your cannabis question? Then the forum on Weed List is the place for you. Learn from others and ask the questions you can’t ask anywhere else. 

Final Thoughts on Weed List

With a clean layout that is easy to use, anyone can find the product they want on Weed List. The filters can also help you narrow down the selection based on your needs. If you are looking for medical cannabis, cannabis concentrates, edibles, or any other cannabis product, this website will have it. With no account needed, all you have to do is look around and compare until you find the right product. With one click, you’ll get sent to where you need to go to finish the process. It’s incredible that nobody made something like this before, go check out Weed List for your next online marijuana purchase.

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