Dabbing is simple and not complicated as most people perceive. Did you know it is the best alternative to smoking? Unlike plant materials that produce smoke, dabbing emits vapor.

To dab, you need a bong that is made up of a titanium or ceramic nail. You can use a dab tool by applying some wax to the nail as you inhale through the dab rig.

What Are Dabs?

marijuana dabbingAre you still wondering what a dab is? It is a cannabis concentrate – a type of marijuana that has been well processed due to the removal of plant material which eventually leaves a material that is more powerful and concentrated.

Dabs can also refer to Butane Hash Oil, Butane Honey Oil (BHO) with the use of Butane as a solvent to remove the plant material. The mixture of the butane and hash is well processed to eliminate butane and get a dab concentrate.

Which Materials Do You Need To Dab?

Although the dabbing technology is evolving every day, you will need the following standard tools to dab.

A cannabis concentrate – There are various forms of dabbing, and it includes CO2, BHO and is always semi-liquid or semi-solid to make it efficiently vaporize. It is not healthy to dab with alcohol-based extracts.

  • Pipe – You can convert your tube into a dab rig by removing the glass bowl pieces and instead of replacing them with dabbing attachments.
  • Nail – There are various nails that you can use on your pipe. You can choose quartz, ceramic and titanium nails, but titanium is the most common types.
  • A dome – It covers the nail and traps the vapor before the individual inhales.
  • Torch – it plays an enormous role in heating the nails even faster, and the most efficient ones are the propane-fueled torches. Although there is flame-less torches in the market currently, the torch method is still ideal, because of its low costs.
  • Dabber– it is used in applying the dab and is usually made of ceramic, metal or glass.

How to Dab

After setting up your rig and the dab concentrate is ready on the dabber, you can now start dabbing. It is recommended to dab while seated, due to the intensity of THC.

Dabbing 101 – How to Dab Cannabis ConcentratesUse the following steps to have a perfect dabbing time:

  • Turn your torch on and start heating the nail.
  • When your nail is red-hot, turn off the torch and place the dome over the nail. Quartz nails are generally left to cool for approximately 45 seconds, while titanium should cool for 10 seconds.
  • With your dabber, place the dab on the nail inside the dome and inhale the vapor slowly. To prevent any wastage of oil, rotate the dabber tip on the nail.
  • Exhale the vapor and enjoy the excellent dab

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