COVID-19 And Cannabis: Can CBD Be Used To Help Treat The Coronavirus?

While all of the medical fraternity is engrossed in the search for a viable vaccine for the dreaded Coronavirus, people are asking about effective preventive measures to keep the disease at bay. 

Till the time researchers develop an antidote for COVID-19, we don’t have many options except maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, keeping ourselves hydrated, and keeping our hands germ free by using sanitizers and regularly washing our hands.

However, many people are wondering if curative substances that support our health in usual times will also be able to resist the contagious virus. 

Cannabis, as a natural substance, has been thought of as a potential remedy for several of our health issues. 

The non-psychoactive compound of Cannabis, CBD, is a popular choice to treat problems ranging from pain to gut issues. But can it really help with Coronavirus? Let’s find out-

What do we know about CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of several significant cannabinoids of the well-known Cannabis Sativa species.

It is mainly sourced from Hemp, a strain of Cannabis that is cultivated for medicinal and industrial purposes. 

It does not possess the ‘high’ effect that is associated with Cannabis in general. Studies done to date suggest that CBD holds great pain-relieving and relaxing properties. 


How can CBD help you to fight Coronavirus?

According to experts, since a definitive treatment for Coronavirus will still take some time to emerge, precaution and prevention are our best bets. 

However, older adults with chronic illnesses and people with pre-existing critical issues like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases have more chances of contracting the disease

Adding to all this is the growing anxiety in individuals who are cut off from their regular life. 

Therefore, people with underlying health issues, anxiety, and poor immunity must take preventive measures against Coronavirus.

Although CBD is not a treatment for the contagious virus, it can certainly take care of several of such underlying issues to keep you in better health. 

Let us look at the ways in which CBD can help us lessen the chances of getting affected by COVID-19. 

  • CBD Can Manage Pain and Inflammation

For people who are long-time sufferers of pain-related woes, the forced inactivity due to Coronavirus lockdown has worsened the scenario. 

Pain, swelling, and fragile bone health make a person weak and anxious. CBD can be an effective treatment for several kinds of pain and related neuropathic problems. 

CBD not only provides pain relief but does so in a short period so that your issues do not aggravate into something serious. 

CBD Canada offers several CBD-infused products to choose from to take care of your pain and inflammation.

  • CBD Can Provide Nutrition and Enhance Energy

In such isolating times, many of our regular habits, including diet, have changed. 

In the absence of usual nutritious dishes and proper workout, we can become low on energy and immunity, leaving ourselves weaker and vulnerable to COVID-19. 

CBD contains many essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, fatty acids, and so on. Besides providing nutrition, CBD helps to maintain digestion and metabolism. 

CBD’s relaxing effect helps to reduce fatigue and makes you recover faster after exercise so that you remain physically fit and strong.

  • CBD Might Improve Mood and Lessen Anxiety

Tense times like this has made many of us anxious and fearful about the uncertain future. It is a fact that a troubled mind also affects our overall immunity and can make us vulnerable. 

On the other hand, a positive mental state will help us to sail through the tough times by remaining more careful and informed. 

By interacting with Adenosine and Serotonin receptors in the human body, CBD regulates our emotional responses and betters mood. 

According to studies, the measured use of CBD can alleviate anxiety and promote restfulness. 

Persons with a relaxed mindset will panic less, which is a much-needed virtue in such times that demand patience from us. 

  • CBD Can Provide You Adequate Sleep

Due to the deteriorated physical and mental conditions that several people are facing in this COVID-19 lockdown, they are finding it difficult to get proper sleep. 

It is well known that lack of adequate sleep, over a period, weakens our body and affects our immunity. Sleep also impacts our gut health, digestion, as well as our behavior. 

CBD, with its relaxing effect, helps us to feel calm and have the required sleep. 

CBD interacts with some key receptors in the brain and regulates thoughts and emotions so that we can ease into sleep. 

By having the necessary amount of sleep, we can easily get rid of stress, physical weakness, and psychological disturbances, making our immunity stronger. 

  • CBD Might Improve the Impact of Opioids and Controls Addiction

Many people depend on potent opioids like morphine and codeine for getting pain relief. 

The effectiveness of the drug becomes more critical in such situations when there is limited medical care available for issues other than the Coronavirus. 

In extreme cases, when usual medications fail to address the issues, people can opt for addictive substances, which will only worsen issues in such turbulent times. 

CBD, while enhancing the effectiveness of such opioids, also reduces our dependency on them. CBD also helps people to shun their addiction by making them relaxed and less anxious. 

The instant response of CBD only increases its acceptability in crucial times. 

Final Words

The COVID-19 crisis has made us rethink our notions of wellbeing.