The Coronavirus is causing shortages all throughout the legal cannabis industry. Currently the Licensed Producers are running out of packaging and looking to source it outside of China, which will likely just cause even more issues when those other countries become affected by the virus. There are also less workers available to manage the grows, harvesting, and packaging.

Between all these issues you can expect a shortage on Cannabis to occur any time now. Just like there was a massive run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer and that is all out of stock across Canada, you can expect the same to happen shortly for Cannabis. That is why online dispensaries are useful in this time. They have much smaller working staff involved and have less problems from external packaging providers and the like. I don’t think the online cannabis dispensaries will run out of stock nearly as fast as the brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

So now is a great time to order online, so you don’t need to worry about running out and having trouble finding any cannabis when the supply starts to run low. Here are some great discounted ounces that you can order to last you through any potential droughts.


One thought on “Coronavirus to Cause Cannabis Shortages

  1. Jason Jeffrey says:

    Cannabis shortage will be a pain in the ass, I really don’t want to experience shortage era especially for weed.

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