Welcome to the best collection of marijuana strains in the world. Our cannabis strains data base will grow over time, so return often for updates. The best cannabis proven year after year to be the favourites of the world. Grow the same high quality pot strains grown by the top breeders. The most effective potent strains of marijuana will grow different in other parts of the world, so we help you find types of marijuana in Canada. See the outdoor marijuana strains and indoor marijuana strains you consider the best. Indica marijuana and sativa marijuana types. White widow and northern lights for sale online. The world’s best powerful cannabis strains with pictures and descriptions are listed below. Discover the sweet tastes, and smelly overtones. See the new signature strains of today.

Choosing the best strain of marijuana for you is not difficult. Indica, sativa are the two basic cannabis families. Regular, feminized and auto flower are the main genetics. Read below to discover other issues to consider when choosing a cannabis strain to own for yourself.

INDICAS – Short thick plants, broad leaves, darker green, flowering in 8 to 10 weeks with thick dense flower tops. Flavours from stinky skunk to fruity sweet. Origins traced back to Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. More of a body stone. Indoor grower’s favorite types.

SATIVAS – The polar opposite of indicas. Tall, thin plants, narrow leaves, lighter green colors, grow quick, extend to heights of 20 feet in some cases. Origins are traced back to Mexico, Columbia and southeast Asia. Flowering times vary from 10 to 16 weeks, normally longer than indicas. Taste ranges from earthy to fruity. A good head stone. A great outdoor favorite.

CROSS BREEDS – Combining different sativa and indica breeds will produce the corresponding traits of each mother and father. Actual percentage of each strain will contain is not exact, but pretty close. These strains are also know as hybrids.

REGULAR MARIJUANA – Designed to be as natural as possible. No genetically modified issues. Regular marijuana seeds are the purest forms of historical marijuana strains that are not genetically modified in any way.

FEMINIZED – Designer qualities to produce only female plants. Rarely are the seeds produced but can be forced. Usually passed on as clones.

AUTO FLOWER – Designed to begin automatically entering the flower stage at a specified time. Usually two weeks of growth then flowering begins. No matter the atmosphere, fertilizer, light and environment conditions the plants will flower themselves. Great for people who want fast crops.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR – The most important thing to realize is the length of flowering time. Indoor doesn’t matter but outdoor maturation would depend on your climate. If you have a short summer then go with a more indica strain. Remember, the more sativa in the mix the longer the flowering time. Some types of marijuana are specifically bred for outdoor, just look at your details. For indoor growing, don’t choose something that says outdoor.

HEIGHT – Sativa stretches the most. Height is usually listed but can be controlled indoors. Light usually does not reach down past 3 feet sufficiently enough. A well grown plant can grow 1 to 2 inches a day. A two foot plant, put into flowering stage will reach just over 3 feet when done maturing in approximately 8 weeks.

YIELDS – This all depends on how long you let your cannabis plants vegetate before flowering. Obviously the longer the veg period the taller the plants, therefore more yield. Maximum indoor yields come from indica.

THC POTENCY – Most marijuana these days is super potent. Success of course depends on your green thumb and growing conditions. To maximize potency use a hot, dry atmosphere and drop the humidity when flowering.

CBD STRAINS – CBD is a compound found in marijuana. You don’t get high off CBD. CBD is used for medicine. Breeders are starting to create new cannabis strains low in THC but high in CBD.