In this article I am going to describe how you can use cannabis and spirituality to drastically improve your life forever.  For the past several years, I have used cannabis and spirituality to create an amazing life for myself and my family.  I stumbled upon this secret benefit of cannabis when I was at a low point in my life.  It seemed that no matter how hard I worked, I never got anywhere, something always had to pop up and derail my plans.  Even when I made great money, there was always surprise expenses that sucked back my savings, like car repairs, flood damage and dental work.  I got annoyed with traffic, slow people and pretty much anything that didn’t work out smoothly (which was everything).  Angry and frustrated, I turned to cannabis to let go of some of the stress.  Getting stoned at the end of everyday became my sanctuary but it didn’t fix anything.  I had been using plants for spiritual use since I was very young and I began to apply that knowledge to cannabis.  The impact cannabis and spirituality has had on my life has been quite phenomenal ever since.  I encourage you to think critically and feel free to disregard anything that doesn’t resonate with you.  Being under the influence of cannabis while reading this article may help you to better appreciate the information that I am sharing with you.

We have all had bad trips after having consumed too much cannabis, but have you ever wondered why you had the bad trip in the first place?  I don’t usually have bad trips, so when I do I take notice.  Over the years I have noticed that bad trips have always been pre-empted by my own negative head space.  If I was uncomfortable with who I was smoking with or where I was, I was susceptible to a bad experience.  As I became more experienced with cannabis, I learned to release the paranoia and allow myself to enjoy my experience.   Why do thoughts and feelings before smoking marijuana affect the experience while under the influence of it?

“Armed with new knowledge and cannabis, I created a beautiful, fulfilling life”

Over the last 15 years, a spiritual philosophy has been gaining popularity – the Law of Attraction (LoA), which states simply that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences.  When I first heard of the new philosophy, I was skeptical but I was also open to new ideas.  I was already quite spiritual and the LoA philosophies seemed to fill in the holes that existed in my traditional belief system.  Armed with new knowledge and my cannabis, I started to create a beautiful, fulfilling life.

In my traditional native American belief system, tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass are used as spiritual tools in prayer, meditation and ceremony.   An intention is always set before using one of the plants, for example you may wish to set the intention of healing someone or protecting a loved one.  The plant is then used in prayer or ceremony to bring the intention into the physical reality. Once I began to use cannabis in the same fashion, I discovered what has to be the best benefit of marijuana use.  Cannabis enables people to use the LoA to bring their desires into existence.  The LoA is usually hard for people to successfully utilize at first as we have all been conditioned to believe certain things about our reality that contradict with the LoA.  Cannabis can help break down mental barriers and allow the expansion of consciousness.

Use cannabis with deliberate intention



To fully understand how cannabis can be used to create your dream life, we must examine how our physical reality and our thoughts work together (or against each other!).  Each one of us possesses a physical body and an energy body.  The brains in our physical bodies shoot off electrical currents across neurons and provide the electric energy behind a thought, while our energy bodies provide the intention behind a thought.  The energy associated with our thoughts have the ability to interact with other energy bodies much like how two waves interfere with one another.

Our thoughts work much like the waves illustrated on the right.  When two ‘thought waves’ are in phase with one another, the result is a thought wave that is twice the height ( or amplitude) as the two original thought waves.   As the amplitude increases, the intensity and energy density (energy per unit volume) also increases.  As the energy density of a thought wave increases, the thought wave begins to condense down into the physical reality.  Thinking the same thoughts that are in phase with one another, will allow the thought to gain enough density to manifest into the physical reality.  In other words, focusing your thoughts on your intention will bring your intention into existence in our physical reality.  However, this does not mean that we can just sit around all day thinking of your dream life without actually doing something to work towards your goals.  Manifesting our desires works a lot better if you also place intention into the actions you take to obtain your goals.  For example, if you want to travel but feel like you don’t have enough money to do so, you can still take small actions to work towards your goal of travelling, like looking into working holiday opportunities, applying for work visas or looking online for other opportunities that would allow you to travel. Putting the intention of ‘travelling’ behind these activities will help you manifest a reality where travel is possible.   Most of us create our realities using subconscious thoughts and intentions because we are not aware that we can consciously create the reality we desire.  If we allow our subconscious to control the intention behind our thoughts and actions, we could end up using our fear and pain as the intention.  This would result in creating more fear and pain in our reality and this is exactly what happens to us  when we have a bad trip while under the influence of cannabis.  While the LoA allows us to manifest our desires into reality, it is not an instantaneous process when other people are involved.  Because we all collectively create our shared reality, manifesting our thoughts into reality can take some time as the universe works out all the details so that it satisfies everyone’s individual and shared realities.  Luckily for you, cannabis can make manifesting our thoughts into reality a lot easier and a lot faster!  I love this plant!!!!

Here’s what you do to start manifesting with cannabis…

To set your intention before you consume cannabis, start by taking deep, cleansing breaths until you feel balanced and comfortable.  Continue breathing deeply and steadily while you begin to focus your energy on your desired intention.  Ex – ‘My intention is to attract financial freedom’.  Visualize a conduit of pure, white energy connecting the base of your spine (your taint) to the center of the earth.  Visualize the energy entering into your body from the earth with each deep breath you take.  When you exhale, visualize that energy moving up through your spine, through your heart and out the top of your head.  While doing this exercise visualize your intention as a thought wave gaining density each time you breathe energy into it.  When you feel like you’ve breathed enough energy into your thought wave – begin to consume your cannabis.  As you inhale the smoke visualize drawing the energy into yourself, just as you had done before.  Exhale the smoke and visualize the smoke adding more density to your thought form.  For a more in depth manifestation method using cannabis, check out our  Law of Attraction and Cannabis article for a manifestation method using cannabis.

And that’s it!  Live Well.  Thank you for reading!

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