The future of Medical marijuana is changing, and most strains with genetics that growers and smokers have been avoiding for the past 20 years are starting to grow and are being guarded with their life. CBD rich strains have started to blow up in the medical marijuana scene due to more and more demand for non-psychoactive oil. CBD has always been bred out of cannabis genetics and growers around the world have competed for the highest THC percentages. Now a select few breeders have started breeding genetics with the highest CBD and lowest THC possible! They also strive for a 2:1 ratio which means, two times the amount of CBD to THC. This race for the highest CBD content in strains has started and the winners will receive a priceless prize.

Most American medical schools and doctors don’t teach or understand the endocannabinoid system in human beings. It controls and regulates all other major systems in your body like the immune, nervous, and respiratory systems, just to name a few. Taking cannabis oil that is high in CBD will relieve symptoms or sometimes practically cure certain illnesses and diseases. Children with Epilepsy and severe epileptic seizures have almost a 95-99% reduction rate within the first six months of taking CBD rich cannabis oil! Have the “potheads” of America really found a cure for Epilepsy! Many doctors are absolutely amazed and speechless. Other research has shown that taking CBD oil will inhibit tumor cell growth and will destroy every cancerous cell in your body! Pot cures cancer? And it’s illegal?!!

The American Medical Association should be humbled right now and in awe by this great achievement and leap in medical sciences. Imagine how far we would be if the US government would reschedule the harmless herb and allow colleges and scientists to begin research and medical trials. College students and scientists are legal allowed to possess any amount of cocaine or heroin needed for medical testing, but not cannabis? The government has done medical testing and research and still currently supplies between 4-7 Americans with a sealed jar of rolled cannabis cigarettes every month. They still supply these “Patients”, because it was found that cannabis does have medical healing qualities. Just smoking average pot with low cannabinoid content will relieve medical problems and help cure diseases. Imagine how many health problems that will be eliminated when people stop swallowing pharmaceutical drugs and start simply taking concentrated cannabinoid oil daily for every medical problem they have! Sounds like a cure all that you can easily grow in your backyard! No wonder the US government and big pharma companies want this miracle herb illegal and demonized. With the movement of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana in the US more people will become patients and the healing herb will soon become the worlds most consumed medicine.

You can see how amazing the CBD rich strains can be for children and adults with debilitating and life threatening disabilities on YouTube. One story about a young girl named Charlotte, who for years has had hundreds of life threatening seizures, is now strong and healthy because of a small group of Colorado “weed” growers. Charlotte would have severe grand mal seizures every 5-7 minutes! This horrible disease left Charlotte practically paralyzed and unable to speak. Her parents met the Stanley brothers in Colorado and asked them about high CBD strains and CBD oil for their daughter.


Within a few weeks, Charlotte’s seizure’s almost completely stopped and a year later she was singing and dancing around the house, Seizure free! Charlotte’s seizures were reduced 95-99% in the first year! I call that a cure for sure. It is currently illegal to supply any child with any amount of marijuana products, even if it’s for medical purposes. This didn’t stop the Stanley brothers and while working side by side at Greenwerkz, a Colorado dispensary and grow facility, they were lucky enough to get a strain called wu-1 which was said to be renamed Charlotte’s Web. The Stanley Brothers are definitely helping charlotte and more children seeking this oil, but they won’t release this strain to the medical marijuana community? The demand is high and many seed breeders have started marketing high CBD strains. Not all strains will be as high as they say, so always trust your seed provider and get the strains tested to ensure quality medicine can be produced. Parents have already made the mistake of giving their children high doses of cannabis oil and marijuana infused products like edibles that are very high in THC. The THC is physco- active and will get the child stoned. This may help for certain health problems, But you can get Amazing results from high concentrations of CBD in the body with no physco-active side effects. A man named Rick Simpson has been making cannabis oil for years and curing people of cancer and other “NON” treatable diseases. He was actually run out of American and faced jail time. He now resides in Canada and is believed to be still brewing his miracle oil with Phoenix Tears. Soon you will see every seed breeder offering CBD strains, every grower will have a few CBD high strains in the garden, every dispensary self will have a number of CBD rich oils, lotions, and tinctures. Zen Pen Medical Marijuana Vapes has worked with CALILABS to formulate a great tasting ejuice. It’s a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio cartridge containing over 170 active CBD cannabinoids!

Whether your smoking nugs high in CBD, dropping CBD rich oil under your tongue, or taking puffs off a CBD vaporizer, everyone should put down the prescription bottle and try a little bit of this True miracle oil.