6000 B.C.-2000 B.C.

During the period 6000 BCE to 2000 BCE, most of China had already been using cannabis seeds for cooking purposes. First registered use of cannabis as a remedy for health problems and a main part of Chinese pharmacopoeia. Hemp fibres were used for making textiles.

1500 B.C.-100 B.C.

Cannabis was harvested by Scythians to make cloths from the hemp fiber. Bhang is termed in the Atharva Veda which is the Hindu holy text as “Sacred Grass”. Sacred Grass is one of the five sacred plants of India. It is used both practically and medically as a providing to Lord Shiva. Scythians introduced hemp in to the North part of Europe. A vessel having cannabis’s seeds and leaves uncovered near Berlin is dated at this period. Cannabis spreads all over the part of north Europe.

70 A.D.-1000 A.D.

Pedanius Dioscorides stated that the cannabis plant was used for Roman cosmetics and medicine. The usage of cannabis was spread over the Arabia during this period. The euphoric properties of the cannabis plant stated in the The Jewish Talmud.

1000 A.D.-1500 A.D.

The cannabis was spread to Syria, Egypt, Bahrain and Iraq by the Persian legend of the Sufi master Sheik Haidar. The earliest Anecdote told that cannabis is an intoxicating agent. In the region of Caliph Mustansir of Iraq, hashish was introduced.

Cannabis Uses In History

1500 A.D.-1900 A.D.

In the Northeast of Brazil, cannabis was bought to the sugar cultivation by the slaves of Angolan. They were allowed to cultivate marijuana between the sugarcane rows and they were also permitted to smoke it after harvesting.

People from France and British; develop Weed for almond at their cities in Port Royal (1606), Virginia (1611), and Plymouth (1632).

During 19th Century cannabis cultivation extended from Russian Turkestan into Chinese Turkestan. Cannabis base were used as medicine in America. British Government provided taxes for ganja and trade in India. About 70,000 to 80,000 kg of cannabis lawfully brought into Indian from Middle Asia each year.

After 1900

“Smash”, the first cannabis oil seems to be formed. Red Lebanese gets to Florida. The Brotherhood Promoted the Afghani hashish.

Early Seventies Lebanese red weed of very large-quality was released. Huge areas of Marijuana grown for weed production in Afghanistan. The last years that actually great Afghani weed is available for export.

FDA launches Compassionate Use program for medical marijuana. Border hashish is still produced in Pakistan. Introduction of hashish-making equipment and appearance of locally produced hashish in Amsterdam coffee shops.

After 2000

Britain’s Home Secretary, David Blunkett, proposes relaxing the classification of cannabis from a class B to class C. Canada is first country in the world to offer medical marijuana to its patients.