With hundreds of strains listed on Weed List, some strains may jump out due to their peculiar names. Some strains have also been named after fictional characters that a movie fan, video game or comic book nerd might pick up on.

Below are 5 marijuana strains that not only aid with pain, mood, sleep and other issues but also have been named after characters you may know. For those looking to buy weed online in Canada can find these strains below right here on Weed List.

1. Walter White Hybrid

heisenbergThis sativa-dominant hybrid strain is named after the famous character from the hit series Breaking Bad. This strain is potent and provides an aroma of citrus and pine. It was created by UK-based Mephisto Genetics which combined The White with an unknown sativa that provides THC levels as high as 21%.

The Walter White strain will give you a head high that is perfect for a wake and bake. This marijuana strain is ideal for medical cannabis patients looking to increase their appetite and provide relief from stress and depression. If you suffer from panic or paranoia this strain is not recommended. Heisenberg would be proud of this strain!

2. Skywalker OG

luke skywalkerThe force is strong in this strain which is derived from the fictional character from Star Wars. Skywalker is hybrid that is an even split between indica and sativa. It was created by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds. It provides a fruity aroma since it’s inherited from Mazar-I-Sharif and Blueberry.

This strain contains up to 15% THC which makes it a pretty average potency but will still give you a head buzz. This strain is perfect for those battling insomnia, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder. Since Skywalker gives such a mood boost it’s a perfect strain to keep you from the dark side.

 3. Darth Vader OG

darth vaderThis indica-dominant strain is another strain named after a fictional character from Star Wars. A cross between Purple Kush and Skywalker OG. It gives off a sweet grape flavour combined with an earthy scent.

Darth Vader will definitely unveil the force from it’s potent effects that will uplift your mood while aiding aid stress, anxiety and insomnia. Take a trip the “Dark Side” and order the Darth Vader strain today!

4. Duke Nukem

duke nukemIf you’re old enough you might remember the famous video game called Duke Nukem that was from the 90’s. This sativa dominant hybrid can provide THC levels as high as 20%. It’s a combination of Chernobyl and Chemmando flowers.

Duke Nuken will give you a cerebral high that will spark creativity, increase energy while uplifting your mood. It gives off a tropical scent combined with an earthy smell. Perfect for aiding headaches, fatigue and loss of appetite in addition to aiding those suffering from anxiety and depression.

5. Bruce Banner

bruce bannerThe name Bruce Banner is the alter ego of the famous comic book character the Incredible Hulk. While this strain won’t turn you into a green angry monster but the type of green that will leave you full of energy which makes it perfect for daytime consumption.

This sativa dominant strain created by Dark Horse Genetics that is a combination of OG Kush and Strawberry diesel. It can aid with pain relief and help boost your creative side. It’s THC content can reach as high as 29% and it provides an aroma that is sweet and citrusy.

There are several other strains that are named after fictional characters. If you were to name a marijuana strain after a fictional character who would it be? Let us know by leaving a comment below!