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Cannabix Technologies Introducing First THC Breathalyzer

With cannabis legalization coming soon to Canada, a need for testing stoned drivers will become a concern for legislators. Often times drug-impaired cases may get thrown out due to insufficient testing for cannabis use. THC breathalyzers have been tested however few have been effective or conclusive due to several variables such as the time when marijuana was last consumed. With cannabis becoming readily available throughout private or government pot shops, cannabis consumption may be on the rise making a THC breathalyzer a much needed instrument for testing drivers under the influence. British Columbia based Cannabix Technologies (BLO) is a publicly traded company that is leading the race and potentially first to market an effective THC breathalyzer which can become a [...]

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks See Red in February 2018

If you've invested your money in November or December then you may have enjoyed a nice return in the cannabis stock market. Unfortunately for most who have invested since the beginning of January have probably seen less of a return or even a substantial loss. Today the cannabis stock market plunged setting some stocks two months ago. This drop shows the real volatility when investing in cannabis. Many investors are optimistic that when marijuana legalization comes all stocks will jump. This has been a pretty rough week for the pot stock market especially in the last couple days. For example, Cronos Group Inc which is one of the more popular stocks had doubled in the month of December but ended [...]

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ABcann Global Stock Rises While Most Cannabis Stocks Drop

While most cannabis stocks plunged today there was one stock which finished in the green by healthy 6.9% which is why this is one stock you might want to invest in while its stock steadily grows. ABcann Medincinals Inc, founded in 2014 was one of the first companies in Canada to attain a license for the Medical Purposes Regulations. This company uses an advanced growing technology which yields organically grown, pesticide free and consistent cannabis. Their computer-controlled environment is what will give their cannabis the competative edge at only $1.11/gram. ABCann currently has a 14,500 square foot facility that is completetly open, licensed and operational and another facility in development that will be 150,000 square feet which are both located [...]

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Cannabix Technologies Stock on the Rise

Today one of the leaders in the stock market is Cannabix Technologies (BLO) which is a leader in the marijuana breathalyzer development is leading the marijuana stock index with an increase by 18%. As marijuana legalization comes closer there will be a need for law enforcement to test for impaired drivers. Similar to testing for alcohol levels, there is no current method in testing for THC levels which is why many cases get thrown out that involve smoking marijuana and driving. While there is competition in this space with US company Hound Labs, it seems that Cannabix is more likely to win the race being a publicly traded company that has risen from $0.57 [...]

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5 Cannabis Stocks under $5 Worth Investing in 2018

The following article outlines stocks that are currently under $5/share that have made some significant increases in the last 3 months. While many cannabis stocks have had their ups and downs since the beginning of January these stocks have had a steady climb. While the stock market can sometimes not be forgiving and quite volatile, I believe these stocks might be worth keeping your eye on and/or possibly worth the investment. In my last article I outlined more expensive stocks including Chronos, Cannopy, Aphria, Cannimed & Aurora which have stocks that range from roughly $10-$36/share which have undoubtedly provided investors a handsome return even if you invested only 2 month prior. The stock numbers in this article are in no [...]

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5 Cannabis Stocks Worth Investing in 2018

Cannabis will be legalized nationally in 2018 and projected to be a multi-billion dollar industry within its first year. While investing in marijuana companies can carry high risk many have profited considerably from companies whose stocks have skyrocketed in only the last 3 months in some cases yielding in 3-4 figure percentage increases. Despite marijuana still being illegal, there are still plenty of risks when investing in the pot stock market. Many biotech and mining companies have jumped into the pot industry and market saturation may affect stock prices. In this article I'd like to provide recommendations on 5 marijuana stocks to invest in 2018 as well as brief history stock information. While these are considered penny stocks the current [...]

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