A Brief 411 on Shatter Drug

Questions around this high potency THC product are asked now more than ever with the increasing popularity of legalized marijuana. And, if you have yet to experience shatter, you might have questions such as: What is shatter? How strong is shatter? Is shatter safe? How is it made? Or, how do you smoke it? Below you’ll find answers to such questions as well as other information to help guide you in the right direction before your next re-up.

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cannabis in 1930

Cannabis in the 1930’s

After cannabis has been legalized in Canada it seems many countries may soon be joining the trend.  Countries are slowly waking up to the reality of marijuana and looking to get on board with the legislation of cannabis after years of prohibition, taxes, bans and stigma, to forget how long it has actually been around. It can also be easy to forget that these years of stigma and bans were not always around, and that there was a time when people were consuming cannabis with as much casualness as we might consume a off-the-shelf batch of Ibuprofen. Thinking back as far as the 1930s may seem absurd, but doing so shows us some interesting facts about the herb and its uses in history!

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