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Cannabis in the 1930’s

After cannabis has been legalized in Canada it seems many countries may soon be joining the trend.  Countries are slowly waking up to the reality of marijuana and looking to get on board with the legislation of cannabis after years of prohibition, taxes, bans and stigma, to forget how long it has actually been around. It can also be easy to forget that these years of stigma and bans were not always around, and that there was a time when people were consuming cannabis with as much casualness as we might consume a off-the-shelf batch of Ibuprofen. Thinking back as far as the 1930s may seem absurd, but doing so shows us some interesting facts about the herb and its uses in history!

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5 “Old School” Marijuana Strains

Marijuana has evolved over decades and 'old school' strains are not nearly as potent as they are are today. Back in the 60's and 70's, marijuana typically contains single digit potency levels of THC around 4-5%. Today you buy weed that contains THC levels as high as 20% so it's fair to say it ain't your grandmas weed. Today there are literally thousands of cannabis strains available and websites like Leafly have done a great job providing a wealth of information on every strain known to man. You can still purchase classic strains today and thanks to modern day technology and quality growing conditions, these strains are much stronger and can provide a quality high making them comparable with newer [...]

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10 Politicians Who Smoked Weed

Do you know your favorite politicians have smoked weed previously and most of them have managed to reach the White House? Think of the likes of Barack Obama, the former POTUS, Bill Clinton and George Washington. Most of these politicians have admitted publicly to have smoked weed, and some founding fathers were also hemp farmers. With efforts to make Cannabis legal in most states of the US, you won’t be amazed to find weed growing in gardens in every neighborhood. The following is a list of politicians who have had a puff at least once. Sarah Palin Sarah Plain is an American politician who previously served as the governor of Alaska for three years from 2006 to 2009 after her [...]

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God Gave Us Cannabis

In the Holy Bible Book of Genesis: 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food. 1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good… So, if the “Creator” tells us that He has given us “herb bearing seeds” then no man should have the right to prohibit any of them from us.  God permits us to consume all plants with seeds.  Surely the Creator even gave us poison sumac and would not want us to consume it, but no government [...]

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Marijuana History in Canada

Marijuana has been used since ancient time for its seeds in the Chinese culture for both food and medicine. The Scythians cultivated cannabis to weave hemp clothing and in India marijuana was knows as the “Sacred Grass,” used medicinally and ritually. The Marijuana Plant or drug became criminalized in Canada around 1923. In 1937 the first marijuana–related charges were laid in Canada. In 1961 The United Nations made it a violation of international law to legalize marijuana. Since then… things have slowly begun changes for the better again. 1999 – A Canadian report establishing the scientific foundation of medical marijuana 1999 – Health Minister Allan Rock Approves Pot use for 14 More. 2000–The Five–year contract for Health Canada to develop [...]

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Medical Marijuana’s Historical Role in Society

The widespread outlawing of marijuana and its association with drug subculture is largely a 20th-century invention. This drug has been used for medicinal purposes for longer than recorded history is able to document. Its effects on mood, its ability to relieve pain and its other properties have long been known to people all over the world. In fact, among the first references to medical marijuana dates back to 2900 BC. It comes from a Chinese Emperor who noted that it was a popular medicine. For literally thousands of years, people knew exactly what modern people are just starting to realize again: marijuana has tremendous medicinal properties without many of the side effects that plague other treatments. All Around the World [...]

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How Medical Marijuana Came To Be Accepted

Due to the widespread legalization of marijuana in Canada and the United States, the hard-line policies that prevented people from being able to access a useful drug are rapidly becoming things of the past and, more and more, the drug is even being recognized as something entirely appropriate as a recreational drug for adults, just like alcohol. It's use as a medicine, however, has been bolstered by several aspects of this particular drug that make it uniquely useful among the options that patients facing a range of different conditions deal with. Side Effects One of the things that physicians have to look at when they are considering prescribing a drug to a patient is the side effects. Side effects, as [...]

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A Chronological History of Hemp

Earliest History 8000 BC: In China, the earliest known fabric is woven from hemp for cloth. 4500 BC: China: Hemp is used for rope and fishnets. 4000 BC: China uses hemp foods. 2800 BC: China makes first rope from hemp fiber. 2700 BC: China: Hemp was used as fiber, oil, as a medicine, and found in Tombs. 1000 BC: Hemp is cultivated in India. 450 BC: Greek Herodus exclaims that "hemp garments are as fine as linen." From Asia to Afghanistan to Egypt, hemp was widely cultivated for its fiber. c. 400 BC: Buddha was nourished with hempseed. 100 BC: Chinese make paper (oldest surviving piece) from hemp and mulberry. Europe (A.D.) 70: Hemp cultivated for the first time in [...]

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Hemp History

Hemp is a wonderful plant with countless applications. It is known to have been used since at least 8,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. It has been used in the manufacturing of textiles, paper, building materials, fuel, food, rope, twine, canvas, and personal care products. Until the 18th century, 90% of canvases, rope, and nets on ships were made with hemp. Hemp is a great rotation crop and is good for putting nutrients back into the soil. It needs little to no toxic fertilization, herbicide, or insecticide. It is an annual plant and is grown from the seed. It takes only 70-90 days for a hemp plant to grow enough to be harvested. A special machine with rows of teeth and a chopper [...]

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