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Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

These days, more and more people are incorporating the use of cannabis into their sex lives. This is majorly due to the aphrodisiac effect that cannabis has. Despite popular culture associating sex with chocolate and oysters, cannabis, which has now been legalized in Canada, has started to receive more attention than ever.

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Best Cannabis Strains for Back Pains

Back pain is a common ailment that affects close to 540 million people worldwide according to WebMD analysis. The good news is there is an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals in cannabis and this is increasingly becoming more recognized and recommended by medical professionals. So whether it is chronic back ailment or occasional aches and pains there may be a cannabis strain that can help to relieve the symptoms.

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Ontario Medical Association President Retracts ‘Cannabis A Gateway Drug’

Dr Alam not only accepts that she made a sweeping statement previously, but she is eager to rectify it and being particularly proactive in finding a solution for the disruption that was caused. On top of the apology, she is offering people who suffered in any way emotionally from her statements a prescription of forty oxycodone pills.

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Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

It would make sense to think that stoners should be overweight considering weed gives you the munchies and when you get the munchies you're not exactly craving broccoli.We all have that friend who can eat whatever they want and still maintain a slim frame. and we tend to assume they have fast metabolism which allows them to burn off food a lot faster.

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Can Weed Give You A Hangover?

Similar to drinking alcohol, high doses of marijuana have been known to lead to a hangover. Unlike an alcohol-induced hangover, weed hangover aren't as bad as a night of heavy drinking, but can still be quite uncomfortable.To many this may come as a surprise but it is indeed a fact that it is possible to get what many refer to as a "weed hangover" which is the feeling after the psychoactive effects have subsided.

By | 2018-10-04T03:24:06+00:00 October 4th, 2018|All Cannabis, Cannabis Health|0 Comments

Why Some People Use Cannabis for Pain

Cannabis is widely used to treat chronic pain. There are good reasons that the people who come over to this form of treatment make that decision and here are some of them. The Problem with Chronic Pain Chronic pain will, of course, require a long-term treatment. For people with chronic pain, the only options for treatment before medical marijuana was made available involved painkillers that had side effects with which they may not have been comfortable. For instance, taking too many opiate painkillers can result in dependency. Other painkillers may have effects on other parts of the body. Aspirin, for instance, can cause problems with the stomach if it is taken over and over again. Comparatively, cannabis has very mild [...]

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