A cultural revolution and colorful social experiment is imminent in Canada as it legalizes marijuana on October 17. The move will make Canada the second and the biggest nation in the world to legalize marijuana. It will also redefine marijuana not only in that country but also in the whole of West Coast. The federal government developed the extensive outline of the legalization act, leaving the provinces and territories with the responsibility of filling in certain details like whether to permit home cultivations, to set a legal buying age of 18 or 19, or whether to use private store or government-operated pot shops to sell.

Some of those details are yet to be availed to the public. Additionally, they vary from one part of the nation to the next, leaving many marijuana enthusiasts and even nonsmokers in Canada confused. Read on to learn more about legalization of Marijuana in Canada.

Where can I Purchase Weed in Canada?

In certain provinces, only government stores will sell weed while in others, only private stores will sell. A few other provinces will allow both government-run stores and private shops to sell marijuana. Ontario, the most-populous province in Canada, will have privately operated outlets beginning on April 1. Until then, shoppers will acquire weed legally only online from an government-managed site called The Cannabis Store.

Marijuana enthusiasts in British Columbia will mostly purchase from a government-run site since there will be only one shop in Kamloops.  On the other hand, 12 government-operated dispensaries will be up and running in Quebec on October 17. Government-employed cannabis counselors will advise weed smokers or vapers on several things about marijuana, including which cannabis strains encourage euphoria or relaxation and potential harmful effects of using pot.  Around 51 privately run stores will be available in Saskatchewan. Government will provide online sales to supplement the 17 privately operated outlets in Alberta.

During the legalization day, buyers will have access to only fresh or dried plants, flower, seeds, and oil. The levels of THC, the compound that triggers the high, will be lower in legal weed compared to most products available on the black market. Cannabis-infused foods and extracts will be illegal until next year. Therefore, those yearning for cannabis-infused gummy bears, barbecue sauce, baked goods, and beverages will need to wait to purchase them legally. The law has not stated clearly whether cannabis cosmetics and creams will be legal.

There are several mail order marijuana websites available which currently carry most products that government does not carry such as edibles and concentrates. Weed List is currently the largest catalogue of cannabis products available to Canadians online that carries thousands of high quality products from trusted & credible distrib