Marijuana legalization is projected for 2018 however a concrete date is not concrete. While July 1st was rumored to become the official date it’s likely to be rolled out much later in 2018.

While the laws may differ from province to province, the minimum age to purchase marijuana is 18. Provinces may choose to raise it.

The federal government is likely to charge $1 per gram or 10% of the retail price, whichever is greater.

While cannabis legalization will be nationwide, each province will have it’s own law in terms of consumption age, growing and where pot will be sold.

Here is a look into how each province will be treating marijuana:

1. British Columbia

The age of consumption will be set to 19. Retailers will need to acquire their supply from the same system which governs alcohol.

2. Ontario

Similar to BC, Ontario will be selling marijuana through the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Ontarian’s will be able to grow up to 4 plants per household. It will still be illegal to consume marijuana in public places.

3. Alberta

Private operators will be able to sell pot over-the-counter however they plan on controlling the sale of marijuana online. Private stores will be regulated and only allowed to sell marijuana related products such as strains, edibles and seeds.

4. Manitoba

In Manitoba the age to consume alcohol is 19 which is one year greater than the age to consume alcohol. It will be regulated by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries board. Unfortunately residents in Manitoba will not be allowed to grow their own cannabis but will be able to purchase cannabis online.

5. Quebec

Another province that will sell pot through their liquor board however their may be exceptions. 15 marijuana stores are projected to open by July 1st. Unofortunately growing cannabis for personal use will be forbidden and home possession will be up to 150 grams or 30 grams per person.

6. New Brunswick

Also controlled by the NB liquor commission, the age of consumption is 19. Marijuana is to be locked way in homes.

7. Prince Edward Island

Legal age of consumption will be 19 and restricted to private residences. Separate outlets will be selling marijuana rather than the liquor commission. The sale of marijuana online will be allowed.

8. Age of consumption will be 19. Nova Scotia is to sell marijuana next to alcohol through provincian liquor stores. Personal possession up to 30 grams will be allowed and similar to Ontario, up to four plants will be allowed per household.

9 Newfoundland and Labrador

Age of consumption will be 19. Sales will be controlled by the Crown-owned liquor corporation to private retailers.

10. Yukon

Minimum age of consumption will be 19. Personal possession of 30 grams will be allowed. Homeowners will be allowed to grow up to four plants.


While laws are still being tinkered with as frameworks are still being worked on including the distribution and ability to grow marijuana in all provinces.

One thing is for sure, this could be a multi-billion dollar industry and potentially making Canada one of the world’s largest suppliers of marijuana.

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