About this time last week, rumors of the feasibility of legalization of cannabis in Ontario (and Canada as a whole) had almost every citizen put in a state of climax filed with so many expectations. Well, since the first-time event of the official legalization of the trade of this psychotropic in Canada on Oct. 17 2018, we can now conclude that all the stern laws enacted against the purchase of cannabis in past century are only but history as of today.

Now, the cravings of pot-users in Canada can be adequately met, and that, in public pharmacies. What’s more? They do not need to procure pot via hideous or furtive methods anymore! Since the public announcement of its legalization on Wednesday Oct. 17, Canada became the second country to legalize recreational marijuana only behind Ukraine as her predecessor.

How this law will affect the general market sales in Ontario cannot be over-emphasized as a corollary of the province Conservative government’s last-minute decision to introduce legislation that changes key cannabis policies adopted by the previous Liberal regime.

What we know for sure is that there will be no open stores until April next year because of the preference of the Conservative government for privately-run illegal shops to government-run free outlets. Thus far, the province has only processed online orders for cannabis through the Ontario Cannabis Store. But once the stores arrive, there will be lots of them and these stores will be run by private businesses, licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Districts will be given the chance to allow cannabis stores to be open in certain areas.

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis, the Ontario government has also put in place several safety measures and laws, based on the conjoint decisions of public authorities and stakeholders, regarding the accepted way to purchase pot, where and who can buy and process it in the province. After a survey conducted by the government on Ontarians which allowed them to share their views on legalization, the following results were obtained:

  • 86% of people said they support a minimum age of 19
  • 74% believe there should be restrictions on where cannabis can be consumed
  • 61% of respondents agreed that drug-impaired driving penalties should be stricter
  • 69% believe that keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth is important

In the following text below, we provide you with detailed information and guide on how to obtain legal cannabis in Ontario. Stay relaxed as you read in details and follow the steps. The discussion is based on the following sub-topics:

Where to buy cannabis
Method of delivery
Contents Of Sale And Package
Price Tag For Cannabis
Growing Residential Cannabis
Quantity Of Marijuana To Be Possessed In Public
Where To Use Cannabis Legally

ontario cannabis store

Where to buy cannabis

As stated above, the sales of recreational cannabis in Ontario has been solely through the online store since its legalization on Wednesday. Cannabis can be purchased online through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website (www.OCS.ca).

The OCS is run by an agency of the provincial government and is the only legal option for purchasing recreational cannabis in the province. The online purchase of cannabis will only be allowed for citizens who are 19 years of age or older after providing adequate confirmation of their date of birth. This is the same as the minimum age required for the purchase of tobacco and alcohol in the province.

The OCS has also promised to keep every piece of information provided by customers online as private only for a limited time and no data shared by customers will be shared with any third parties. Customers will have to provide a name, address, email and credit card number but won’t be required to create an online account; each purchase will be treated as a “guest,” says the OCS.

If you live in Ontario you aren’t limited to only the Ontario Cannabis website. There are hundreds of mail order marijuana websites which allow you to buy weed online in Canada.

Method of delivery

Just like buying alcohol online from the LBCO, there will be no packages left at consumers’ door posts. The delivery will be handled by Canada Post and the shipping fee will cost $5. Customer ID and signature will be required at delivery point before packages are received.  If you aren’t home, a notice will direct you to the place where you can pick up the parcel.

Contents Of Sale And Package

buying marijuana in ontarioThe purchase of cannabis will come majorly in various forms including dried flower, pre-rolled joints, cannabis oil and gel capsules filled with oil. Seeds or seedlings will not be allowed for sale, neither will pot brownies and vape pens too. Home-made pot brownies, infused salad dressing or anything else made with the cannabis oil for sale at the Ontario Cannabis Store are however permitted.

The cannabis oil can be eaten on its own — a drop under the tongue is one common method — or put into homemade food or drinks. The Ontario government has also agreed to permit the sale of cannabis accessories, too, including bongs, pipes, vaporizers, lockable stash boxes and grinders.

The sale will not contain any external indications of its content and will not make anyone aware of its content except they open it. The cannabis will be contained in odor-proof plastics or large envelopes.

Price Tag For Cannabis

The cheapest price for a gram of marijuana is $7.50 on the OCS. Asides any other store online, it’s interesting to note that the OCS also sells more extras in addition to just recreational cannabis ranging from oils and sprays to rolling papers and vaporizers. The OCS is set out to make the prices really competitive in order to wipe out the sales of cannabis through illegal black market dealers.

growing marijuana ontarioGrowing Residential Cannabis

You are able to grow as many as four plants per residence (and not per person!). And they must be grown in the residence. It should be noted however that grown cannabis is not permitted to be shared with individuals below the age of 19! The punishment for this offence is 14 years behind bars, so if you’re not thinking of serving time just yet, you’d better not even think about it.

Quantity Of Marijuana To Be Possessed In Public

As of Wednesday, after its legalization, about 30 grams of dried cannabis can be processed at any time in public. The Ontario Cannabis Store has automatic measures put in place to notify customers when they hit the 30-gram limit.

Where To Use Cannabis Legally

For both medical and recreational cannabis, the conservative government has enacted the following rules for using them in specific designated areas in contrast to the former liberal government. It should be noted, however, that these rules are also subject to additional restrictions by municipal bypass laws, lease agreements and the policies of employers and property owners.

  • Private residencies excluding workplace residencies
  • Outdoor public places e.g. sidewalks, parks, etc.
  • Assigned guest rooms in hotels
  • Scientific research facilities
  • Stationary residential vehicles and boats having permanent sleeping accommodations
  • Controlled areas in long-term care homes designated psychiatric facilities, certain retirement homes, etc

The use of recreational cannabis in Ontario is not accepted in the following cases:

  • cannabis laws ontarioWhile driving. Individuals who drive while being mentally affected by the use of cannabis will face grave penalties (including immediate license suspension, financial penalties, possible jail time and vehicle confiscation) if they are caught by a police officer.
  • Consumption of the psychotropic drug in any vehicle or boat in motion is highly prohibited.
  • At workplaces. The consumption of pot in the workplace is still illegal even after its legalization on Wed., 17th Oct 2018.
  • Consumers are not permitted to process cannabis in schools and children care homes. It is worthy of note to reiterate at this point that the use of cannabis by youths and children below the age of 19 is not permitted!
  • Hospitals and lodgings. No user is permitted to consume cannabis within 9m of these areas.
  • Prohibition is also put in place against consumption of cannabis in other publicly owned sports areas and their vicinity.
  • Plane restrictions also prevent the carriage of cannabis across the Canadian borders, but permits up to 30g on flights within Canada.
  • Other restricted areas include: restaurants, bus shelters, college residencies and enclosed apartments in condos (except for medicinal cannabis).

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