Indica dominant Kush strains are popular along the West Coast, and Bubba Kush is among the most notorious. Grand Daddy Purp Bubba Kush nugs have wide green leaves with little red hairs and lots of visible crystals. The buds are often in the shape of pine cones or round, and are quite dense. I love the smell of this strain, and how sticky it is. Bubba Kush buds smell earthy, but have a distinctive tangy taste to them. The smoke from Bubba Kush inhales so smoothly that you can easily underestimate how high you will get from just a few hits!

Bubba Kush

This is a strong marijuana strain that can easily have you couch-locked; which is why I enjoy smoking it before going to bed. As an almost-pure Indica, Bubba Kush relaxes the body and mind to a point where you just might need to take a nap. If you’re feeling stressed out or have tense muscles, smoking some Grand Daddy Purp Bubba Kush is sure to relieve your symptoms in a jiffy. The high from smoking the strain lasts for hours, and even after the effects have worn off, I still feel relaxed. Bubba Kush also works great for those who have insomnia, headaches, or a lack of appetite.

Bubba Kush Seeds

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that makes a good honey oil, Bubba Kush oil is some of the best I’ve smoked. Honey oil made from Grand Daddy Purp Bubba Kush buds practically knocked me out the first few times I tried it! After building a tolerance to the strain, I was bette