The Blue Dream strain of medical marijuana is a hybrid that Sativa lovers adore. Grand Daddy Purple produces beautiful  buds, rich with sparkling blue-toned crystals. I haven’t seen many photos that have accurately captured Blue Dream’s trichomes, but the bud’s light green leaves and orange hairs look delicious. The nuggets are dense, smell great, and are completely covered in crystals!

blue dream marijuana strainThese buds have a skunky pine-like aroma that many medicinal marijuana patients love. The smoke is thick and smooth, tasting almost fruity with a hint of blueberry. Blue Dream is a cross between the Blueberry strain and Haze, resulting in a 80% Sativa and 20% Indica hybrid.

Smoking Blue Dream, as the name suggests, can put you into a dream-like state of mind. After smoking Grand Daddy Purp Blue Dream, I felt uplifted and creative. I can feel any stress and pain seems to melt away, while the Sativa in the hybrid noticeably brightens my mood. I like to smoke Blue Dream before doing hobbies like drawing or writing. Unlike strains that are mostly Indica, Blue Dream doesn’t make you feel lethargic. Some people call it a “heady” high, but I think of it as a “clear” high. With Blue Dream my thoughts are unhindered, and I feel my body at ease. Another nice thing about Blue Dream is that it doesn’t cause appetite stimulation; I didn’t get the munchies after smoking Grand Daddy Purp Blue Dream, so over-eating wasn’t a concern.

This Grand Daddy Purp  strain not only alleviates stress and general pain, it also helps with depression, anxiety and chronic stomach pain. Some medical marijuana patients have claimed that Blue Dream has helped their glaucoma and arthritis as well.

Blue Dream can calm your nerves, boost your energy, help you to concentrate, and have you feeling inspired. The effects are long lasting, and great for smoking during the day time. There’s no need to worry about couch-lock when smoking Grand Daddy Purp Blue Dream. So, if a strong medicinal marijuana strain that allows you to carry out your regular routine is what you’re looking for, Grand Daddy Purp Blue Dream is literally a dream come true!



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