Does Smoking Marijuana Reduce Testosterone Levels

There has been a lot of speculation over this topic which we will cover and go over some of scientific research which has been uncovered. More specifically, whether there is a correlation between smoking weed has and the development of gynecomastia (man boobs), the effect that smoking weed has on male health, testosterone levels and the analysis of the research.

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Best Cannabis Strains of 2019

There is always something new brewing in the world of marijuana and we want to help you keep abreast with the newest and the trending options available this year. So we decided to put together this list of the 2019 top marijuana strains to check out. In this article you'll  find recommended strains along with a little a brief breakdown of what you can expect and ways users can benefit from each of the strains. So without further ado, let’s get right to it! Bear in mind that our list of "best strains of 2019" are listed in no particular order. BC Big Bud This British Columbian strain has a very pungent and musky skunk scent. It is a [...]

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Can you Make Cannabis Grow Faster?

There are many factors that will contribute to the growth rates of your cannabis plants. Following the best practices and constantly monitoring the situation will help in providing optimal growth rates and hence a better yield. Remember that excessively fast growth rates can be just as detrimental as slow growth rates. Plants can suffer from growing pains which may cause health deficiencies.

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What is Distillate? 

Many forms of cannabis extracts exist but none beats distillate when it boils down to comparison of the levels of purity. This cannabis concentrate has subsequently earned the nickname “The Pure” thanks to its high level of purity. It is a tasteless and odorless extract that is obtained using the process of high heat extraction. This high heat extraction results in the production of this distillate with 100% pure cannabinoid

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Differences Between Shatter, Wax, Resin & Rosin

Over the last few years concentrates have become the biggest thing to happen to the cannabis culture but as the popularity of continues to grow so do the questions about the many forms these concentrates. All concentrates are made through a process called extraction where cannabis’ main ingredients are concentrated into an essential oil.

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