Review of THC Juul Pods/Joi Pods for Vaping Marijuana

Vaping Cannabis Out of Juul Pods Now, as cannabis has been legalized in Canada, the plant and its various extractions are becoming popular on a parallel spectrum. With recreational marijuana legal across the nation, there’s been a massive rise in cannabis vaping products. While the Juul company itself doesn’t yet provide Juul pods for anything other than nicotine, our intelligent community put together everything they needed to make re-usable pods. These pods can either use nicotine e-juice or specific formulations of cannabis concentrate and fit into a Juul perfectly. Furthermore, there are various ways to add cannabis concentrate to your own Juul pod; there are ways to tinker with your Juul, so that it fits other cartridges. However, the easiest [...]

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Is Cannabis Good for Social Anxiety Disorder?

Using cannabis for social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a controversial topic. Although cannabis has been approved for medical use in Canada and recreational use in certain US states, there is still some confusion about its use in the treatment of SAD. While some research supports cannabis use for its treatment, studies on its long-term effect still need to be conducted. If you live with SAD and you are considering cannabis as a treatment option, you might feel confused about whether it is going to help or not. This article will provide you with some basic information that will help you make an informed decision, whether cannabis might be helpful to you and the best way to get the best result. Can [...]

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How Cannabis Can Help Seniors

Cannabis is basically a substance that is derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa. It usually grows in the tropical and temperate regions of the world and is commonly referred to as Marijuana. Cannabis contains about 113 compounds called cannaboids. These cannaboids have specific effects on the biological and chemical composition and structure of the body. There are a lot of medical and recreational benefits that can be gotten from cannabis when used by individuals of any age. But most especially, cannabis also helps out seniors in so many ways hitherto. For so many years, there has been a gross misconception on the actual uses and benefits that can be derived from usage of cannabis. Most people have only looked on [...]

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Find Happiness with These Cannabis Strains

The feeling of euphoria can be described as a feeling of joy, well-being, and happiness. The state of euphoria makes you feel free from any stress. One of the best parts of being human is experiencing euphoria. Certain aspects of life can bring about a sense of euphoria such as achievements, love, exciting life events, sexual satisfaction, eating delicious food, and many more. However, there are certain cannabis strains that can naturally induce a sense of euphoria. Here are some cannabis strains that have euphoric abilities. Regardless of whether you are a medical or recreational user these strains can come in handy. Purple Kush Purple Kush This is a powerful indica strain that can give you elating and exhilarating [...]

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The Effect of Cannabis on Blood Pressure  

The National Centre for Health Statistic Survey (NCHS) reported that the awareness for hypertension increased from 53% over 1960 -1962 to 89% over 1988 -1991. While the percentage of patients receiving treatment for high blood pressure has increased from 35% to 79% during this period. With the evolution of treatment and public awareness, one would expect an appreciable decrease in the statistics of people living with high blood pressure but this has not been so. Recently, the World Health Organization estimates that over 40% of people worldwide still have high blood pressure, with only 13.2 percent of the global population having their high blood pressure (BP) controlled. Lots of controversies and misunderstood facts within the world of cannabis, but new [...]

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Does Cannabis Affect the Immune System?

Today, we are tackling the question of whether cannabis affect the immune system and how does it strengthen it or weaken it. This is a very hard topic to get a good answer to and you will get very different answers depending on which source you read. We have known for decades that cannabinoids within the cannabis plant can do cool stuff related to the immune system like decrease inflammation. Inflammation is just a defensive immune response that the body frequently uses; the only problem is cannabis achieves that result by suppressing parts of the immune system. Now, if you have arthritis or multiple sclerosis or even lupus, you may be in a situation where you actually want your immune system [...]

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