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Can CBD Oil Show Up On A Drug Test

This is really an important question especially for those people who get drug tested for work. In short, the answer is no, CBD will not show up on a drug test simply because CBD is not a tested substance in drug tests. THC however, the psychoactive component in marijuana is tested and many people who worry that taking CBD oil may cuase them to fail a drug test need not worry. First off, let’s differentiate between the different CBD oils available on the market.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) as an Asthma Treatment

In the world where one in 10 people are suffering from asthma and the situation deteriorates further in Low and medium Income countries, surely asthma has emerged as one of the biggest threats to world of medicine and health. Even with so many advancements in medicine and technology Asthma still remains incurable and can only be managed with lifestyle alterations. However, some recent studies, which involve use of cannabidiol (CBD), have brought a ray of hope.

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How Effective is CBD for Cats & Dogs?

CBD oil has been popularly used on animals for quite some time due to its effectiveness and safety. As many people may already know CBD oil works by activating the cannabinoid (CB) receptors in the human body (among other receptors). These  receptors are responsible for regulating appetite, pain, mood and memory.

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