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Cannabix Technologies Introducing First THC Breathalyzer

With cannabis legalization coming soon to Canada, a need for testing stoned drivers will become a concern for legislators. Often times drug-impaired cases may get thrown out due to insufficient testing for cannabis use. THC breathalyzers have been tested however few have been effective or conclusive due to several variables such as the time when marijuana was last consumed. With cannabis becoming readily available throughout private or government pot shops, cannabis consumption may be on the rise making a THC breathalyzer a much needed instrument for testing drivers under the influence. British Columbia based Cannabix Technologies (BLO) is a publicly traded company that is leading the race and potentially first to market an effective THC breathalyzer which can become a [...]

Marijuana Legalization Bill C-45 Officially Passed

A historic moment has been made in Ottawa Ontario as the senate has officially passed Bill C-45 to legalize marijuana across Canada. Soon cannabis users will be able to purchase medical or recreational marijuana legally. All that is left after the Senate's decision will be Royal Assent to officially pass the bill and determine when legalization will come into affect. Senator Yuen Pau Woo told reporters after the vote that the next step will be to push the illicit elements, perform research on cannabis and properly educate young people on the effects of cannabis use countrywide. The electoral promise made by prime minister Justin Trudeau was to allow adults to purchase cannabis in small amounts and possess recreational marijuana. Provinces [...]

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10 of the Most Popular Marijuana Strains

The most popular cannabis strains according to Leafly are either Sativa or sativa dominant hybrids. Most people seem to prefer the uplifting high of a Sativa over the couch-lock high of an Indica strain. We want to help beginners choose a top quality strain right off the bat, so we put together a list of the top 10 most popular strains available almost anywhere. 1. Blue Dream – Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Probably the most common strain across the nation after originating on the west-coast. Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze, giving users a well-balanced high. 2. Sour Diesel – Sativa There is much mystery surrounding the origins of this potent strain, but it is currently [...]

Why The Firefly 2 Is Considered The King of Concentrate Vaporizers

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is widely considered to be one of the ultimate party vapes. It’s capable of heating up almost instantly, has a massive bowl to it, doesn’t have any kind of auto-shutdown timer, and now that we’re talking about how well it delivers its concentrates; yeah, it’s capable of doing that too. Since the time of the original Firefly, it’s been capable of being passed around from person to person as they each try to capture their perfect, full manual, vaping experience, and many failing along the way. Those that do capture the beauty of the Firefly however grow to really appreciate it’s delicious, lung filling power. That said, the firefly does just as well as a personal session vape, [...]

Canadian Cannabis Laws by Province

Bill C-45 is passed in Canada to finally legalize marijuana across Canada. However there are still a lot of unanswered questions such as what are the restrictions within my province. Weed List has created a handy table for you to understand cannabis legalization in Canada. Province: Alberta Legal Age: 18+ Where to Buy: Private stores and government run online shops Growing Marijuana: Up to 4 plants, landlord restrictions may apply Where can you smoke: Not in vehicles, where children may frequent and areas where tobacco is sold Province: British Columbia Legal Age: 19+ Where to Buy: Both private and government storefronts, ecommerce Growing Marijuana: Up to 4 plants (out of public [...]

The Best Cannabis Strains for Treating Depression

Throught history, cannabis has been used to treat depression. In fact an English clergyman named Robert Burton recommended it's use back in 1621 in his book "The Anatomy of Melancholy. During the same time period, doctors in India were actively using cannabis to treat patients suffering from depression. While most doctors are indoctrinated into recommending pharmaceuticals such as anti-depressants, studies have shown that cannabis is a fast-acting alternative which also effectively works to stimulate the endocannabinoid stytem and speed up the development of nervous tissue. Cannabis can offer suffering patients peace of mind, mood enhancement, battle stress and anxiety, induce appetite, combat anxiety and improve energy and focus. A 2006 study at McGill University in Montreal has found that regular [...]