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9 Cannabis Strains to Help Beat Anxiety

Everyone may experience anxiety from time to time as it’s a completely normal emotion. However when the emotion goes overboard, it becomes a disorder. Anxiety is connected with a wide range of mood disorders and mental illnesses. It can lead to a wide range of emotions from the constant feeling of fear to the state of being constantly overwhelmed. Anxiety includes panic disorders, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorders in addition to social anxiety disorders. These conditions can have a heavy impact on human health and can prove dangerous when not managed or treated however patients can get their lives back and manage their. There are several methods that have been found effective in treating this disorder, one of the most [...]

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Insomnia

An estimated 30% of the population will suffer from insomnia at some point in there lives and 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. This problem is much more common than some may think. There are several reasons that can cause insomnia including unhealthy sleep habits, biological factors and certain medical conditions some mild and others more serious. Researchers have begun to believe that one possible symptom could be sleep cycles are not on a regular schedule. Common medical conditions which may cause insomnia include: Allergies Arthritis Asthma Chronic Pain Endocrine Problems Restless Leg Syndrome Sleep Apnea Or even medications used to treat the above Sufferers from insomnia will toss and turn during the night however tend to wake up cloud headed [...]

The Origin of 420

The Connection between Marijuana and 420 April 20 (4/20) comes and goes each year with a puff. While cynic say that 420 marijuana is just another excuse for the pot-heads to go ahead and do what they are best at, there is a historical significance to this. The 20th of April is celebrated as the National Weed Day every year to support the legend of Marijuana 420. Irrespective of all that, there are certain myths that have developed in recent times about the concept of 420. The number ’420’ is considered to be a police radio code n California for cannabis consumption; but it is a complete fallacy. There is definitely a police code 420 in California that denotes a [...]

6 World Famous Athletes Who Smoked Weed

Cannabis has been banned from almost every sport. Similar to the previous article on "Brilliant Minds Who Smoked Pot", this article will show another group of individuals who break through the stigma of the lazy stoner. While some of these athletes have tried to keep their pot habit a secret others are advocates on marijuana use and legalization. People may typically think of athletes taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs however many elite athletes have openly expressed how medical marijuana has helped with pain relief and recovery. Not all strains are created equal and of course some strains might just give athletes that razor sharp focus or creative edge. Unfortunatley some athletes have been punished for their use while [...]

Anti-Marijuana PSA’s Worth Watching

Anti-marijuana PSA's have been around for decades. I remember seeing them in the 80's while between watching GI Joe and Thundercats. I have to admit they worked as I saw pot as a life ruining drug until I was finally exposed to pot in highschool. Society has certainly changed its perspective on cannabis as we're finally nearing legalization in Canada and we're still learning about the several benefits it provides in treating diseases and disorders. The ads shown exaggerate the effects of marijuana such as hallucination, deflating or spontaneously combusting. Many of these ads have become popular memes and satirized on shows such as the Chapelle Show, Family Guy and College Humour. Enjoy! Marijuana PSA from the 1960's This awkward [...]

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5 Brilliant Minds Who Smoked Pot

Unfortunately there is a stigma when it comes to pot smoking where marijuana smokers are characterized as lethargic, flaky or dopey. There are still people who view pot in the same perspective as the 1936 black and white film called "Reefer Madness" or more recent characterization in famous movies such as Brad Pitt in True Romance or James Franco in Pineapple Express. The truth is that there is a long list of brilliant artists, scientists and CEO's who have consumed marijuana and contradict the anti-pot PSA's you may have seen on TV in the 90's. In this article we will look at 5 brilliant minds who couldn't be further from the stereotypical pot head sometimes portrayed in movies. Steve Jobs [...]