Ever wonder what are the best strains for making cannabis extracts? Shatter, wax, budda, hash oil, ice hash, bubble hash and rosin are just a few of the marijuana extracts people love to make. You may need to learn how to make marijuana extracts for your lifestyle. Those who love to make their own extracts use the best cannabis strains money can buy. The more THC percentage available in the strain the more your return will be. Each process is simply separating the THC glands from the rest of the marijuana plant. Our experience has found the best strains for making cannabis extracts has over 20% THC concentration. To accurately find THC percentage your weed has to be tested by a reputable business. However you can simply look with the naked eye to see THC concentration. If the buds are super frosty then you probably have a good strain for making cannabis extracts. Every cannabis strain will produce some level of good extracts. It’s the huge return people are after. They don’t want to waste time and money with inferior product.

Best Strains For Making Cannabis Extracts

Our experience to date has a cannabis strain called Cotton Candy making the best rosin for our rosin techs. The THC levels reach over 25% as tested. The strain is super frosty. When the strain is properly cured and dry you can scrape off a THC crystal joint with a knife. So thick and wonderful. You don’t need huge nuggets to produce a great rosin return.

We love to use White Widow marijuana strain for making ice hash or bubble hash as some call it. White Widow seems to take to being frozen better than other strains. White Widow has a very high concentration of THC resulting in Fabulous ice hash returns.

Our experience in making shatter is limited to date. The best cannabis strain so far has been a Violator Kush. Seems most returns are close to the same but we have noticed potency and taste. Our Violator Kush blasts the brain and taste superb. Returns are fantastic.

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