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Best Strains for Creativity

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Best Strains for Creativity

Best Strains for Creativity

Whether you want to loosen up in your spare time or you are a professional creative, the cannabis strains for creativity in this article might interest you. It is no longer a secret that certain cannabis strains can help to encourage alternative thinking and boost creativity. Sativa dominant strains are the most ideal for creativity. This is because they have the right energetic and hallucinogenic properties that allow the juice to flow. Many successful business moguls and artists use cannabis regularly to boost their creativity but many people don’t take the time to find out why some strains are better than others for creativity.

Types of Cannabis

Before we get to the best strains for creativity list, let’s talk about the cannabis strains that are available. Here are the major differences among the strains of cannabis and how they affect creativity.

Cannabis Indica

Indica is an herb that is best known for deep relaxation, creating sleepiness, and calm. There is usually a lower ratio of THC to CBD in this strain than in sativa strains and it produces a soothing body high you can associate with the feeling of being “stoned”. Indica strains also stimulate appetite, relief of pain, migraine, and may also help to relieve insomnia.

cannabis sativaCannabis Sativa

Sativa cannabis strains are usually more intellectually stimulating when they are ingested. Users of sativa dominant strains are usually more intellectually energized with fewer inhibitions. They don’t cause a sleepy or hazy sensation and they have an invigorating effect that results in an active state of happiness. Sativa strains have a higher THC to CBD ratio and they produce a better yield than other cannabis types.


Hybrid strains are a combination of both sativa and indica. They are great because they give the best of both worlds. For example, people who have an energetic personality may like the stimulating effects of sativa strains and they may also want the pain relief effect that indica strains often provide.

Best Strains for Creativity

The following cannabis strains are some of the best for creativity.

Purple Haze

This strain is inspired by the guitarist Jimi Hendrix and it is used by many professional creative and hobbyists who use cannabis for creativity. This strain helps to create a euphoric, happy, and uplifted feeling which can help to boost creativity and imagination. This strain is ideal for individuals who want to feel free and relaxed to let their thoughts flow. The flavor of cannabis strain is a mix of sweetness and earthiness that is distinctively memorable. Apart from being one of the best strains for creativity, it is also good for treating patients suffering from depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety.


This is a hybrid strain that leans toward the physical effects of the indica brand of high and the thought stimulating sativa effects. This strain has somewhat mysterious origins, and it is not great for first timers but it is a powerful cannabis strain for creativity. Users of this strain can feel both a creative boost and a heavy relaxing experience. You can feel the high from Chemdawg very quickly and often times some moments after inhaling it. The marriage of the mental and physical effects can be quite overwhelming to some people, but it is nonetheless an exceptional cannabis strain for creativity. The flavor and aroma from this strain can be powerful and because of its intense effects, you can also use it for treating issues like PTSD and anxiety.

Jack Herer

This strain was created in Netherlands in the 1990s and it is characterized by woody, piney flavor. It is a very common strain among individuals looking for strains for creativity. Jack Herer was a popular cannabis activist who died in 2010; they commonly know him as the “Emperor of Hemp”. This is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is valued for giving its consumers a clear head with a blissful buzz, thus making it a great strain for the creative mind. Users of this strain often feel more locked in and focused on what they are doing which is believed to lead to more creativity. Jack Herer is also good for depression as it can help to speed up your thoughts.

Blue Dream

This is another sativa dominant hybrid that is quite popular in the cannabis world. They developed this strain from Haze sativa and Blueberry indica. It is known for giving its users a gentle and invigorating cerebral high while also relaxing the body. The Blue dream strain is especially powerful during the day for creativity. It has a high THC level of about 17 to 24% and a CBD level of 2%. With this strain, you will feel relaxed and ready to tap into your creative wellspring.

Durban Poison

This is an unhybridized 100% sativa strain that features some of the best genetics. Durban poison originated from South Africa and it proclaims a unique taste that is somewhat like aniseed or liquorice. This strain brings the high we all love, and it is perfect for daytime smoking productivity and creativity. It is excellent for any creative project you have going on.


It is important to note that it is not all cannabis strain that produces the same results with everybody. Cannabis itself affects different people in different ways and each unique strain may have varying effects on its users. The only way you can assess the effectiveness of a strain on your body chemistry and unique physiology is by trying them out by yourself. We hope this information will help you make an informed buying decision. Has any cannabis strain help you become more creative. You can share your experience with us in the comments section.

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